Pinto Heritage Foundation Offers New Scholarship to Youth Members

The Pinto Heritage Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce a new scholarship: the Doris Ann Hays Memorial Youth Scholarship.

Doris Ann Hays, born in Perryville, Kentucky, was the Danville, Kentucky, High School secretary for 28 years. She co-wrote many songs such as the platinum hit “Walk On By,” which is now hung at the Pinto Heritage Museum in Bethany, Okla.

She became involved with the Pinto Horse Association in 1999, becoming a longtime friend of Gerald Milburn. As a PtHA lifetime member, she worked the International Judges seminar with Barbara Hulsey for the past 15 years.

“Doris Ann loved her Pinto friends and really enjoyed meeting and talking with the hundreds of people who stopped at the Foundation Booth to chat and pick up some really good chocolate,” said Gerald Milburn.

In addition to helping with the judges’ seminar, Doris Ann greeted members and visitors who stopped by the Heritage Foundation Booth at the Pinto World Championship Show and the Color Breed Congress shows.

“I can only say I had 16 wonderful years as her friend and companion,” Milburn said. “She has many friends and did love people.”

Doris Ann died August 13, 2015, in Daytona Beach, Florida.

To donate to the Doris Ann Hays Memorial Youth Scholarship, make check payable to PHF. For more information or to donate to several scholarships available through PHF, please go to the Pinto Heritage Foundation page at or contact Dorothy Fread at 405-491-0111.

The Pinto Heritage Foundation is a tax-exempt foundation as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. Entrusted with the past, present and future of the Pinto breed and association; the Pinto Heritage Foundation takes great pride in preserving the Pinto past by collecting donated memorabilia and artifacts, honoring the present by being the home of all the Pinto Hall of Fames, including the equine industry’s first Judges Hall of Fame, and supporting the future by helping young horse men and women achieve success by funding their academic pursuits with annual scholarships.






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