Positive Changes Impact APHA Farnam Breeders’ Trust Select Sale

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — JAN. 4, 2013 — Significant improvements recently approved by the sale committee will help ensure a brighter future for the Farnam Breeders’ Trust Select Sale at the APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show.

To increase the number of completed sales and improve prize money, the following changes take effect beginning with the 2013 Sale. These modifications include:

  • $500 consignment fee (no change from 2012)
  • 8% commission of sale price with a minimum of $150. The same commission will apply to repurchases or horses offered with unmet reserve bids.
  • $800 Stakes Fee (100% of which will go directly into the 2014 purse)
  • APHA will retain 10 percent of the profits from the sale in a “rainy day” fund to keep the sale strong. Any profits above that 10 percent will go directly into the 2014 stakes purses.

At the 2012 event, the sale averaged $4,768 on 20 head sold which was a 41% increase in average over the 2011 sale. In addition, almost one-third of the yearlings in the Farnam Stakes Session changed hands. Numbers through the sale arena were up, which substantially increased the pool of horses that are eligible to compete in next year’s Farnam Stakes classes which will have a guaranteed $50,000 purse.

“Over the last two years we have made improvements to the sale with the expectation that it will grow the American Paint Horse market and reward breeders, exhibitors and owners in future APHA World Championship shows,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. “We are focusing our strategic efforts in many areas of APHA to develop markets that make American Paint Horses more valuable and improve the penetration of our great horses throughout the larger horse market.”

Director of Breeders’ Trust and World Sale Coordinator Steven Imhof is equally optimistic about these changes.

“The 2011 addition of the Yearling Stakes Session has complemented the sale,” he said. “And the newly implemented changes for 2013 should continue the positive momentum that’s been created.”

The 2013 Sale Consignment form will be available online in June. Contact Steven Imhof with questions concerning the Breeders’ Trust or Farnam Breeders’ Trust Select Sale at (817) 222-6441 or [email protected].

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