Positive Horse Training: The Shawna Karrasch 2017 USA Tour

“I want horse people to start to learn how to adapt the training to the goals they have with their horses, both on the ground and under saddle.” – Shawna Karrasch

Shawna Karrasch is one of the world’s top horse trainers using reward-based training. By explaining clearly to the horse what it is that she asks and by rewarding that behaviour, Shawna’s training creates happy horses that love working with their riders and truly connect with them, as you can see in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLuPqWNCy80 . Shawna will start her USA tour in April and it runs until July.

Shawna on tour

Last year, Shawna Karrasch visited Europe and did 9 clinics in over 7 countries. It was a huge success and the tour received positive media attention. Because of the impressive results and positive feedback, Shawna decided to do a tour through the USA and Europe this year. She will be on the road for 9 months, visiting 19 cities in 8 different countries. She is very excited and would love to share this special event with as many horse lovers as possible.

From marine mammals to horses

Shawna Karrasch spent nearly ten years working to perfect her training skills with killer whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals. She then took this knowledge and applied it to horse training. Her first client was Olympic Gold Medallist Beezie Madden. Together, they found that adding in reward-based training made an amazing difference to their show-jumpers’ results.

She then started her own equine training company called “On Target Training”, offering clinics, demonstrations, lectures, private lessons and online coaching. In 2001 her first book got published “You can train your horse to do anything!”. In 2013, Hannah Weston, Rachel Bedingfield and Shawna created “Connection Training”, an online resource for positive horse training, teaching and coaching hundreds of horse owners around the world.

“There are times when you’d love to say to the horse, ‘That was right!’ and we’ve never had a way to do that. I think it’s a big hole in the system that we have. I think that this fills in that hole.” – Beezie Madden

Practical issues and contact information

Shawna Karrasch will do clinics in the following cities: Wilmington, NC; Ocala, FL; Tryon, NC; Chichester, NH; Williamsport, PA; Denver, CO; Santa Fe, NM; Los Gatos, CA. More cities and states might be added to the list in the upcoming weeks. For more information and tour dates, please visit Shawna’s tour schedule at https://connectiontraining.com/events/category/shawna-karrasch/. Images are available on request. You can contact the event manager via [email protected] or contact Shawna directly at (800) 638-2090.

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