Provide Peace of Mind with the Zoetis Equine Immunization Support Guarantee

With equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) outbreaks reported across the country, now is the time to work with horse owners to develop comprehensive equine vaccination and biosecurity programs. Even if their horses are properly vaccinated, your clients may still have concerns. Zoetis helps address these concerns with the Equine Immunization Support Guarantee, which provides peace of mind when horses are vaccinated with FLUVAC INNOVATOR and WEST NILE-INNOVATOR.

“The Zoetis Equine Immunization Support Guarantee is similar to an insurance policy for the veterinarian as well as the horse owner. However, it does not cost the veterinarian or horse owner anything,” said Kevin Hankins, senior veterinarian, Zoetis Equine Technical Services. “The Equine Immunization Support Guarantee ensures you have backing to help determine the cause of illness for vaccinated horses in your practice. Zoetis provides diagnostic support for vaccinated horses exhibiting clinical signs of disease at no cost. Additionally, if the horse is diagnosed with a disease it was vaccinated against, Zoetis covers up to $5,000 of treatment costs.”

To be eligible for the Equine Immunization Support Guarantee, a horse must be properly vaccinated by a veterinarian with a qualifying Zoetis vaccine. If the horse exhibits clinical signs for a corresponding equine disease for which it was vaccinated, Zoetis will help to cover the diagnostic investigation to determine what the horse is infected with. If diagnostics confirm disease, Zoetis will also cover ancillary diagnostic and therapeutic charges up to $5,000.

The Equine Immunization Support Guarantee is themost comprehensive equine vaccination guarantee available. All products within the FLUVAC INNOVATOR and WEST NILE-INNOVATOR line of vaccines from Zoetis are covered. Specific diseases covered by the Equine Immunization Support Guarantee include respiratory disease caused by equine herpesvirus types 1 (EHV-1) and 4 (EHV-4) (equine rhinopneumonitis), West Nile, equine influenza, tetanus, Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), Western equine encephalitis (WEE) and Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE).

If a horse is exhibiting clinical signs of disease, the veterinarian simply needs to contact Zoetis Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support (VMIPS) at 1-888-ZOETIS1 (963-8471). Zoetis will work with you to begin immediate diagnostic work.

“Properly administered vaccines help reduce the risk of infection. How vaccines are administered has also been shown to influence immune response. Work with your clients to formulate a complete equine vaccination program addressing both core and risk diseases,” Dr. Hankins said. “The Equine Immunization Support Guarantee program provides a great opportunity to discuss each horse’s risk factors, which helps you provide the best possible horse health care.” 

Take advantage of a great follow-up opportunity by providing horse owners with an Equine Immunization Support Guarantee certificate after their spring wellness appointments. To access a certificate or to learn more about the program, contact your Zoetis representative or the Zoetis Customer Service team at 1-888-ZOETIS1 (963-8471).

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