Ranching Heritage Council Update

The American Quarter Horse Journal, November 2, 2012 - The AQHA Ranching Heritage Council recently convened in Denver to discuss the future of the Ranching Heritage programs.

The American Quarter Horse Journal, November 2, 2012 – The AQHA Ranching Heritage Council recently convened in Denver to discuss the future of the Ranching Heritage programs. The Ranching Heritage Breeders, Challenge and Young Horse Development programs were formed to recognize solid ranch horses that have helped build the hard-working breed that is the American Quarter Horse.

The Ranching Council revised the nomination pay schedule for the Ranching Heritage Challenge. The Challenge enrollments will begin with the 2011 foal crop, and the payment schedule will apply to 2011 and subsequent foal crops. All older Ranching Heritage-bred horses will be eligible to compete in events on an entry-fee basis.

Breeder or owner pays:

$10 to nominate before December 31 of weanling year. Breeder must ensure transfer occurs at time of sale.

Owner pays:

Yearling – $50

2-year-olds – $100

3-year-olds – $150

Nominating 2011 and later foals will build purses for future Ranching Heritage events. Until the 2011 foals turn 4 years old, Ranching Heritage Challenge events will be handled on an entry-fee basis.

Starting with 2011 foals, the penalty for missing a payment is double any missed payments, along with the current year’s payment. For example, if a horse is nominated late as a yearling, the cost would be $70. ($10 x 2 [the penalty for missed weanling payment] = $20 + $50 [current year’s payment]. For the best deal, nominate your weanlings now for only $10.

2013 Ranching Heritage Challenge Schedule

There will be five Ranching Heritage Challenge shows in 2013 The first show will be on January 18 during the Fort Worth Stock Show and will feature the amateur Ranching Heritage trail class on February 7.

Other Challenge shows will take place during the Pfizer Versatility Ranch World and AQHA Mounted Shooting World Championships in Houston and during Battle in the Saddle in Oklahoma City. The schedules for these shows, as well as the remaining two locations, are will be determined soon.

There will be a non-pro class at Fort Worth, but this class will be discontinued for all future Ranching Heritage Challenges. The Ranching Council has approved a youth class to be introduced to the Challenge beginning sometime next year.

Best Remuda Award Update

Starting in 2013, any ranch applying for the AQHA-Pfizer Best Remuda Award must be a Ranching Heritage Breeder. The Best Remuda Award honors the contributions that ranch horses have made to the heritage of the American Quarter Horse. The award began in 1992 and has since recognized several outstanding ranches for their efforts in raising American Quarter Horses, an important tool of their trade.

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