Registration Fees for Weanlings and Yearlings Will Increase, Effective January 1.

THE AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE JOURNAL — DEC. 13, 2012 — Effective January 1, American Quarter Horse Association registration fees for weanlings and yearlings will increase.

The basic registration fees for weanlings and yearlings have not been increased in 10 years. Had such fees been increased by factoring in a nominal annual inflation rate of 3 percent since 2002, they would be $34.60 for the seventh-month fee, according to AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. However, with the fee increase described below, the Association’s fee will be 15 percent below the inflation rate.

“Even though we are classified as a 501(C)5, agriculture-based, not-for-profit association, we cannot operate the association with financial losses,” Treadway explained. “We have been fortunate to squeak by at a time when income has declined from a high of $50,014,105 in 2006, to last year’s $45,751,356. The income decrease has been primarily due to a 50 percent drop in the number of registrations, and a 20 percent drop in memberships since our highs in 2004. Naturally, to operate at a profit we have had to decrease expenses proportionately and, in many cases, eliminate important programs and marketing activities.”

The AQHA Executive Committee and AQHA staff knew that preparing the 2012-13 budget for the Association was going to be a challenge, given the mandate that the Association should budget to make a profit.

“Following a special budget meeting on August 29 during the Adequan Select World Show, the AQHA Executive Committee asked me to prepare various income-generating options for it to review at its October meeting,” Treadway said. “After much discussion, the decision was made to raise registration fees, effective January 1, 2013.

“Increasing fees is not something Executive Committee members wanted to do but after reviewing several proposals, they felt it was the most equitable and fair of the options presented.”

The new registration fee schedule, effective January 1, 2013, follows:

Member Non-Member

Foaling Date to 7-month birthdate $30 $70

8- to 12-month birthdate $60 $100

13- to 24-month birthdate $150 $190

25- to 36-month birthdate $300 $340

37- to 48-month birthdate $400 $440

Past 48-month birthdate $500 $540

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