Rethinking the Horse Business Seminar 2014

Join Jan. 19, 2014, for the most powerful horse business seminar of the year. “Rethinking the Horse Business 2014” examines how the economy, the horse industry, and the Internet are affecting horse business owners.

For the past four years, has been asking horse business owners how they view the industry and what changes are they seeing in their own businesses.

As you might image, these past few years have been tough for horse professionals. However, one thing we consistently see year after year are horse professionals finding new ways to improve their businesses and reach their equestrian career goals.

“As horse professionals, we sometimes feel like we are all alone out there,” said Chad Mendell, co-editor of and owner of Heritage Horse Farm. “But in reality, there are hundreds of other professionals facing the same challenges we are facing. That’s why I think our horse industry survey and ‘Rethinking the Horse Business’ seminar are so important. We get to see how other professionals are faring and really get a good idea of how our businesses stack up.”

Rethinking the Horse Business attendee’s will:

  • Find out key economic indicators of how the horse industry is faring. The seminar features information from equestrian associations and companies around the globe, as well as opinions from industry leaders and influencers. Plus, survey results from hundreds of horse business owners including professional riders, instructors, horse trainers, breeders, and stable operators.
  • Hear reports on successful marketing strategies and horse business models. Attendees will learn which areas of the equestrian community are growing and gain valuable insight into new marketing strategies, trends, and equine business opportunities.
  • Gain critical insight into where the horse business is headed and identify the most viable horse business and marketing strategies for the coming year.

Rethinking the Horse Business 2014 is hosted by – The Horse Business Site. It is free to all horse professionals, but you must register to attend.

Rethinking the Horse Business is geared toward helping horse professionals (horse trainers, stable operators, riding instructors, breeders, professional riders, etc.) navigate the current economy and identify the best paths for success. Sign up today.

Also, there is still time for horse professionals to take our annual horse business survey. The results of this survey provide you with valuable insights into the overall health of horse businesses.

Date: Sunday Jan. 19, 2014
Time: 5:30 Pacific, 7:30 Central, 8:30 Eastern
Place: On your computer or phone
Speaker: Elisabeth McMillan
Register at:

Elisabeth McMillan is the editor and founder of Equestrian She is a horse business and marketing expert who is a frequent speaker at equestrian association conventions such as UPHA, USEA, CHA, The Kentucky Horse Council, and American Horse Publications conventions. is a membership site that provides horse business education, resources and support to horse professionals around the globe. The site offers a wide array of programs, tools and information to help horse trainers, riding instructors, breeders, stable operators and professional riders run profitable businesses and build successful equestrian careers.






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