Be Revolutionary! PATH Intl. Invites Exhibitors to 2016 Conference

Imagine fifes, drums, tri-cornered hats—and the PATH Intl. Conference in the Revolutionary City, Williamsburg, Virginia. The 2016 PATH Intl. Conference and Annual Meeting, presented by title sponsor Purina, anticipates a large crowd at its conference at the Williamsburg Lodge, November 2-5, 2016. Targeted at professionals in equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) and those wanting to learn more, the annual conference features an impressive array of educational sessions with industry experts. With four days of intensive sessions, discussion forums, social receptions, the horse expo and the annual awards banquet, which celebrates the accomplishments of those in the industry, PATH Intl. is eager to fill the Williamsburg Lodge exhibit hall with the products and services attendees have come to expect.

Do you have a product horse people would be interested in purchasing? Do you have a service that you know our people would love? Could your business help our centers be more efficient? Horse products (for horse or rider), educational materials, consulting services, disability services are all possibilities for selling to the therapeutic horsemanship professionals anticipated to attend. The possibilities are limited only by the amount of space available, so reserve a booth early.

According to a PATH Intl. membership survey, 84% of members stated they would be likely to purchase from companies that support PATH Intl. With a conference audience largely made up of certified instructors, executive directors and administrators, exhibitors have direct access to a diverse and influential group of consumers, those responsible for purchase decisions at their centers. The PATH Intl. Conference and Annual Meeting is the largest event in the EAAT field. This is an outstanding opportunity for exhibitors to reach this niche market in one event. Through special exhibitor deals, reach not only conference attendees but the entire PATH Intl. membership before and after the conference.

With more than 4,600 certified instructors and equine specialists and more than 860 member centers around the globe, PATH Intl. members help 61,832 children and adults—including nearly 4,000 veterans and active-duty military personnel—with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges find strength and independence through the power of the horse each year. Exhibiting at a PATH Intl. conference is an ideal way for businesses and other organizations to gain valuable exposure while showing their support for PATH Intl., our members and the thousands of people who benefit from equine-assisted activities and therapies each year.

Click here for exhibitor information, or email Cher Smith. Click here for conference information.

The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International® (PATH Intl.®) was formed in 1969 to promote safety and optimal outcomes in equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) for individuals with special needs. At 866 member centers, nearly 62,000 children and adults may find improved health, wellness and a sense of pride and independence through involvement with horses. Therapeutic horsemanship at member centers may include hippotherapy, equine-facilitated mental health, driving, interactive vaulting, trail riding, competition, ground work and stable management. Through a wide variety of educational resources, the association helps individuals start and maintain successful EAAT programs. There are more than 55,000 volunteers, 4,666 instructors, 7,672 equines and thousands of contributors from all over the world helping people at PATH Intl. Member Centers.






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