RIDE ALERT Announces Free Shipping for the Holiday Season

Ride Alert is happy to announce that from now until January 2014, they are offering FREE shipping (to the 48 States of the Continental US) on all Ride Alert orders over $50!

Ride Alert is happy to announce that from now until January 2014, they are offering FREE shipping (to the 48 States of the Continental U.S.) on all Ride Alert orders over $50!

“Promoting the safety of both horse and rider is a major concern for us” said David Hasbury-Snogles, President of the Company, “and our well-respected Ride Alert 24/7 Emergency ID product (see offers a valuable, very affordable, and reliable service to all riders and their families, no matter what discipline they follow, or what breed of horse they ride. In these tough economic times every little bit helps, so we are happy to offer free shipping to our customers during the upcoming holiday season, because even if you have a Ride Alert Membership yourself, you can always give the gift of peace of mind to your friends and their families too!”

“Ride Alert is something that we all are going to not want to be without. Being able to have access to valuable lifesaving information can be critical in the case of an accident. We all know how dangerous being around horses can be, so having the peace of mind for your kids and family that they (as well as yourself) are signed up with Ride Alert can be an incredible asset. I know I can’t protect my children from everything, but I can at least equip them with Ride Alert!”–Kerry Kuhn, Clinician, TV show Host, and Ambassador for Ride Alert.

Don’t forget our new Ride Alert Phone App–a precaution worth taking!

Ride Alert App is your Emergency ‘AUTOMATIC ALERT’, ‘PANIC ALERT’ and ‘CHECK IN’ system, that operates seamlessly off of your current iPhone, iPad or iPod (Android version will be coming soon).

The Ride Alert App is irreplaceable for each of us, whatever the equestrian discipline, plus all those grooms and helpers involved in any equestrian events. In fact the Ride Alert App is suitable for any activity, not just horse-related.

It works by monitoring your activity while you move and in the event that you should have an accident and are injured or incapacitated, will AUTOMATICALLY send an Alert to your chosen “buddies”–friends, family members, colleagues, etc. You can even register with the “Ride Alert 24/7 service” to use the Ride Alert support team as a “24/7 buddy” in addition to your family members and friends–just to cover those moments when they might not be available!

Download the App now for just $7.99 at, or read more about it and find the download link at

Ride Alert is a U.S.-based partner of the worldwide AlertID Group that has been providing identification support services in the UK for over 15 years. Ride Alert provides a simple online means to identify you and your horse and to record your medical and emergency contact details for later use by anyone who may need them in the event of an accident or illness. Ride-Alert has been developed to provide peace of mind for riders and their families. As well as providing visible identification products for riders, horses and property, there is also the added comfort of having a 24/7 Emergency Support Team on call and ready to assist in any emergency situation. Since being introduced in the USA at the beginning of this year, Ride Alert has formed working partnerships with a number of well-known Local and National organizations such as the Virginia Horse Council, the ACTHA, USRider, Kansas Horse Council, NWCHA, Colorado Horse Council and renowned Clinician, TV Host and Road-to-the-Horse ‘Wildcard’–Mr. Kerry Kuhn–who is Ride Alert’s official Ambassador. For more information take a look at our website and follow us on Facebook at ridealert247.






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