Ride Alert Partners with Wyoming Cowgirls Association (WCA)

Ride Alert is proud to announce its latest partnership with the Wyoming Cowgirls Association–helping to promote the safety of both horse and rider to their Members through the Ride Alert 24/7 Emergency ID Service.

The Wyoming Cowgirl Association is excited to be able to use Ride Alert throughout the Association and is confident that the use of Ride Alert will help us to improve the safety of all our Members. WCA Members will have 24/7 access to equestrian identification and emergency support at any time through the Ride Alert 24/7 Emergency Support Team who are on call to assist if a registered person or horse is involved in an emergency situation, or if a registered piece of property has been found.

“We are constantly looking to improve our safety because safety is a #1 priority, especially around horses. Ride Alert has made this goal truly possible for the Wyoming Cowgirl Association.” – Jackie Converse, Founder & Owner WCA

“No one wants to be involved in a horse riding accident (or any other emergency) but unfortunately paramedics are called to riding accidents all too frequently each week. By joining Ride-Alert you are allowing yourself to be identified quickly and for the emergency services to learn of any medical conditions or allergies that may affect your treatment. It also means your family can be informed as soon as you’re found rather than being left worried at home.

Arranging a partnership with Wyoming Cowgirls Association made perfect sense to us, since the education and safety of both horse and rider is as paramount to them, as it is to us here at Ride Alert.” – Anita Hasbury-Snogles, Co-Founder, Ride-Alert, USA.

Our mission as Wyoming women and our families is to come together to provide positive, encouraging and life changing experiences for young women and our communities. We are dedicated to set prime examples to those around us through our therapy programs and community events. We come together to learn, enjoy and compete as cowgirls. We stand by H.E.A.R.T. Help Encourage a positive Attitude Respectfully Towards others. See the website for more details.

Ride Alert has been developed to provide peace of mind for riders and their families, offering a simple online means to identify you and your horse and to record your medical and emergency contact details for later use by anyone who may need them in the event of an accident or illness. As well as visible identification products for riders, horses and property, there is also the added comfort of having a 24/7 Emergency Support Team on call and ready to assist in any emergency situation. For more information visit and like us on Facebook at






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