Ride With the Best or Have Your Horse Trained at Equine Affaire this November

Do you want your horse trained by one of the foremost horse trainers in the nation? Better yet–would you like to receive individual instruction from a leading coach, trainer, or competitor in your chosen discipline? Look no further than the upcoming Equine Affaire this November to do either–or both–for an affordable clinic fee that also includes stabling and admission to Equine Affaire and all of the incredible educational and shopping opportunities the show has to offer!

Equine Affaire will return to the Eastern States Exposition in W. Springfield, Massachusetts, November 12-15, and will feature an educational program that will include literally hundreds of clinics, seminars and demonstrations on a broad range of equine disciplines and horse-related topics conducted by many of the nation’s top coaches, competitors, horse trainers and equine management experts.

Through Equine Affaire’s very popular Ride With The Best Program, selected riders and horses will have the opportunity to receive individual instruction and training from nationally-recognized industry professionals to whom access may be cost-prohibitive or otherwise unavailable.

The majority of clinicians who will be featured at the 2015 Equine Affaire will be participating in the Ride With The Best program and accepting horses and riders for their clinic sessions. While some are seeking riders and horses with specific skills, problems or goals, others are seeking any riders interested in improving their relationships with their horses. The 2015 Equine Affaire will offer a wide range of learning opportunities–and you and your horse may be the ideal participants for one or more sessions.

Presenters who will be conducting clinics on “general” horsemanship and horse training topics include Julie Goodnight, Dan James, Ken McNabb, Kerry Kuhn, Chris Irwin and Warwick Schiller. Those whose clinics will focus on specific disciplines include Phillip Dutton (Eventing), Michael Barisone and Lendon Gray (Dressage), Doug Milholland (Reining), Bernie Traurig (Hunters/Jumpers), Sharon Camarillo (Barrel Racing), Anita Howe (Easy-Gaited Horses), Susan Harris (Centered Riding & The Visible Horse), T. R. Potts (Western Pleasure, Trail & Hunter Under Saddle), and Paul Maye (Driving).

The modest fees for clinics in Equine Affaire’s “Ride With The Best” program range from $75–$200 and include clinic participation, event admission and stabling. Clinicians will select the participants for their sessions from written applications and videos submitted to Equine Affaire. Clinic details and an application are available at Interested riders may also request “Ride With The Best” information by contacting Kristen Gump at or by calling(740-845-0085 ext. 104.

If you are interested in improving your horse’s performance and your skills as a rider, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in Equine Affaire’s Ride With The Best program. Contact Equine Affaire now; the clinic application deadline is September 11!






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