Please Share Your Opinions in our 2015 Salary Survey

Stable Management conducts an annual Salary Survey to help us understand the trends in our industry and answer questions you have about equine business. Please click on this link to take the survey. It will take about eight minutes.

Participation in this unique survey is important to help all of us who own or manage farms or boarding stables, and those who instruct people and train horses. This is the only survey of its kind, and your input is greatly appreciated. The answers to this survey, which will appear in Stable Management’s fall magazine, can offer you benchmarks to assist you in better positioning your business.

To ensure you receive the fall magazine from Stable Management, please provide your name and contact information at the end of this survey or register on

Thank you for your help! And remember, Active Interest Media, the owner of Stable Management, will never sell or distribute your email or mailing address to any third party.

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