Shawn Flarida and Kalley Krickeberg Team Up for New Sport of Reining DVD

A cowgirl and horsewoman, known for her masterful ability with young horses, troubled horses and liberty horses becomes intrigued with the sport of reining. Its elements fascinate both the...

A cowgirl and horsewoman, known for her masterful ability with young horses, troubled horses and liberty horses, becomes intrigued with the sport of reining. Its elements fascinate both the athlete and trainer in her…speed, complexity, discipline, grace, nuance, development of young horses and a competitive outcome. Her pursuit of knowledge takes her straight to the top of the sport and she finds herself on the doorstep of Four Million Dollar rider and reining superstar Shawn Flarida. What happens next is documented in the new Sport of Reining: Training the Young Reiner DVD with Shawn Flarida and Kalley Krickeberg, on sale now.

 The DVD follows Kalley’s journey as she seeks the advice of Flarida on pursuing a reining career with her well-bred young horse Rita. The two-year-old filly by Magnum Chic Dream has solid ground skills, 50 days under saddle and is guiding well, but what is next in developing her as a young reiner? Starting with an evaluation of several young horses in the round pen, Shawn shares with Kalley how to see the physical differences between a “good” and a “great” reining prospect well before you ever step in the saddle. He also evaluates Rita’s chances of “making it” as a high-level competitive reining horse.

Moving onto the slide track, the DVD documents the foundation that Shawn uses to start his two-year-olds and shows the viewer how to develop suppleness in the horse’s poll, hip and withers. With the help of World Equestrian Games competitor and NRHA Open Derby winner RC Fancy Step and developing young horses alike, Shawn guides Kalley through the maneuvers of spins, circles, lead changes, stops, rollbacks and backups. He helps Kalley troubleshoot maneuvers with her derby-aged horse and finally steps on the two-year-old filly himself for a special Trainer’s Eye View of how he would advance Rita if she were in his training barn.

Peppered with Shawn’s advice and Kalley’s well-considered questions on everything from the ideal bit progression for a reining horse, to training theory, to the heart, athleticism and trainability required of the world’s best equine athletes, the DVD has a conversational and intimate style that will have the viewer feeling like they’ve just scored a ringside seat for the meeting of training minds and genuine friends.

International fans of reining will be thrilled to hear the DVD is available with Italian, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

Segments include:

Physical Evaluation of Reining Prospects in the Round Pen
Foundation Training: Suppling the Poll, Hip and Withers
Maneuvers: Circles, Spins, Stops, Rollbacks and Lead Changes
Trainer’s Eye View
Ideal Bit Progression
Maintaining Footing and Shoeing for the Reining Horse
Runtime: 4 hours

For more information or to buy your copy of The Sport of Reining for only $249.99, visit www.sportofreining or call 630-608-0804.

In a sport that is quickly taking the center stage spotlight around the world, Shawn Flarida is the sport’s superstar. He is the NRHA’s all-time leading money earner and the first-ever Four Million Dollar Rider. Shawn has five NRHA Open Futurity championships to his name, and has won the All-American Quarter Horse Congress nine times. Despite his enviable resume, Shawn doesn’t let the winning go to his head. Known for his mischievous grin and affable personality, Shawn is known throughout the industry for his humility and unmatched work ethic. Shawn began his career as a youth, and knew from a very early age what he wanted to do when he grew up. “All I have wanted to do was train horses, for as long as I can remember,” he said. “Like” Shawn on Facebook at, find his schedule of competitions and clinics at

Kalley Krickeberg is a master young horse developer, presenter and horsewoman who has dedicated her life to finding the right combination of techniques and exercises to capture the heart, obedience and athleticism of her horses. She has taken all of her prior experiences–excelling in polo, working with the Budweiser Clydesdales, starting colts, taming wild mustangs, and giving countless inspirational and educational demonstrations–and applied every lesson learned to her horse development. “I do not consider myself a clinician, I do most certainly consider myself a horse developer and horse trainer and that is my life’s work and greatest fascination,” said Kalley. “Like” Kalley on Facebook at and view the entire Horse Education line of DVDs, professional grade equipment and horse developer fashion at






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