SOLITUDE IGR Feed-Through Helps Control Flies

June 18, 2013 — House and stable flies are more than just a nuisance. In fact, flies are a serious health risk that are known to vector pigeon fever, salmonella, vesicular stomatitis, influenza, strangles, E. coli, Habronema (that cause summer sores) and Onchocerca

Common fly treatments expose horses, staff and riders to neurotoxic sprays and other potentially hazardous chemicals.

But there’s another way to break the fly life cycle. Feed your horse a supplement containing an insect growth regulator (IGR).

SOLITUDE IGR is a safe and effective way to help prevent the development of house and stable flies. In just two short weeks, SOLITUDE IGR feed-through pellets can eliminate up to 100% of house and stable flies.

Horse owners can see results after just two weeks, and the maximum benefit after four to six weeks, with no ill effects on horses, other mammals or beneficial insects. Plus, it’s cost-effective and easy to use–just provide a half-ounce in a horse’s daily feed, regardless of breed or size.

Now is the perfect time to start using SOLITUDE IGR, and continue until the first hard frost of the fall.

Besides using SOLITUDE IGR to curb the fly population, consider these recommended tactics for an effective fly management program:

  • Manure management Manure piles are ideal for fly breeding and egg laying. Break up manure piles and muck out dry lots or pens. Strip old bedding from stalls and run-in sheds. Store the manure as far away as possible.
  • Remove standing water Anything that holds water after a rain–such as empty pails, grain pans and unused water troughs–should be removed to diminish fly breeding. Filling dips in paddocks and pastures also will help reduce places for standing water.
  • Maintain good hygiene People can carry bacteria on their shoes and hands, so be sure to maintain good hygiene after handling a sick horse. Bedding, water buckets and any other materials that come in contact with pus should be disinfected or disposed of and not shared with other horses.

There is no single control program that can completely eliminate flies. Using these tips to manage your horses’ environment along with SOLITUDE IGR can help reduce the population. Not only are horses happier when there are fewer flies, but they are healthier, too.

Help your horses stop swatting flies and stay healthy with SOLITUDE IGR. Find out more by contacting your Zoetis representative or visit

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