Sox For Horses Urges Owners: Fly Protection Must Start Before the First Bite

“Fly protection must begin now,” advised Ray Petterson, president and founder of one of the most respected names in equine protective leg wear, Sox For Horses, Inc. With many regions experiencing warmer than normal winter temperatures, horses and ponies are already stomping in response to biting flies and insects, which can lead to earlier and more destructive wear to both hooves and delicate soft tissue, like tendons and ligaments.

It’s a simple answer to a big problem for veterinarians like Laureen Bartfield, DVM, who uses SFH Silver Whinnys as a cooling, pull-on barrier for her equine clients, not only against flies and the diseases they can carry but, when worn daily before fly season starts, to curtail stomping before its destructive wear and tear becomes habitual.

“Not only am I a horse and donkey owner, I am a veterinarian. I have recommended Sox For Horses to owners who have horses that suffer from many ailments, including but not limited to arthritis, founder, skin sensitivities, fungal infections, wounds and post surgery bandaging. I have also found that the decreased stomping because of flies saves hooves from breaking up,” Dr. Bartfield said.

“Once your horse starts stomping to keep another season’s flies off its legs, it becomes a habit. So even if fly protection is increased later in the season, it will be too late to convince your horse that it no longer needs to stomp. Every concussive strike with the ground reverberates through the hoof and leg,” said Petterson.

About Sox For Horses

Sox For Horses Silver Whinnys represent the necessary combination of attributes that veterinarians like Dr. Bartfield look for in protection. Embedded silver in the yarn inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold in Silver Whinnys, providing a clean environment around the leg while the yarn wicks moisture from the skin, creating a dry tissue surface. Silver Whinnys are knitted socks that allow air to reach the skin but not insects, which cannot penetrate its double layers to cause more damage to legs. These qualities add up to a clean barrier that can protect legs while they heal and prevent insects and dirt from causing further damage. Silver Whinnys are made to assist owners in resolving difficult issues utilizing the best in a bandage/barrier. Sox For Horses, Inc. is an American-made product and company that has been helping owners better help equines since 2007. Visit or call 850-907-5724.



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