Sox For Horses Inc.: More ‘Made in America’ Proud Than Ever

In the last five years America has put more people back to work than Europe, Japan and all advanced economic nations combined.* That ‘Made in America’ pride is something Sox For Horses Inc. president and founder Raymond Petterson understands. Since 2007 the Tallahassee entrepreneur has been creating unique, trademarked products safely and economically used by veterinarians and backyard horse owners alike and that have always been knitted only in America.

Petterson said, “Horse owners have continued to take a stand when it comes to ‘buying local’ to help their economy and choose products made in America. They saw the impact of jobs lost to overseas production and if they couldn’t do more to change things, at least they could and will continue to buy from American companies and buy American-made when they can.”

Petterson has never wavered about producing SFH in America. He saw the “writing on the wall” while searching years earlier for the right sock-knitting mill to handle his programs and designs. “The knitting industry in this country has seen too many closures and to this day, there are still mills closing down. The brutal fact is that cost of production in this country is always going to be higher than in a third world country. To be sure, it is very tempting to take our socks to mills outside the United States as many companies do.

“I could very realistically increase profits which would open the door even more so to a higher comfort level with wholesale opportunities, but I believe as an American Manufacturer, I have a responsibility to put Americans to work if I can directly or indirectly do so. We buy local and Made in America as much as we can as individuals and horse (and donkey) owners, and we continue to support tack and feed stores all over this country that want to carry our Sox.

As Summer Whinnys and Whinny Warmers continue to change the game in leg protection using cutting-edge, anti-microbial American fiber science, SFH wants to bring more fellow Americans along for the ride: “This is also about being part of American yarn science at its best. Despite higher manufacturing and material costs, Silver Whinnys continue to be an affordable and effective choice for bandaging and leg protection.

“The key,” he said, “is to produce quality products, beginning with at the factory and follow that commitment to quality all the way through. Deliver an irrefutably functional product. Our proof is in our results. The more veterinarians and equine owners see the protection Silver Whinnys afford equine legs, the more that impact reverberates back to the people that live and work here.”

Made in America, SFH are internationally distributed through dealers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, while the Florida-based company’s generous work with large and small animal veterinarians customizing wound protection solutions has saved countless lives and heartaches.

Sox For Horse Inc. is an American-made product and company whose Summer Whinnys and Silver Whinnys equine leg wear have been helping owners better help equines since 2007. Learn more and ask about their new 13-page informational booklet ‘The Silver Lining in Equine Leg Protection’ at or call 850-907-5724.

* IMF (International Monetary Fund) 2015 data






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