Sox For Horses, Inc. Says There’s Always a Silver Lining: This Time it’s in Wound Protection

There’s always a silver lining, and it’s closer than you think thanks to Sox For Horses, Inc., which is readying the public debut of its new The Silver Lining Bandage/Wraps (available now by special order).

“It was a natural progression from the silver-impregnated Summer Whinnys Silver that continue to impress owners and veterinarians with their ability to help handle EPD (equine pastern dermatitis) issues and offer superb protection for leg wounds and injuries,” said Raymond Petterson, President of Sox For Horses, Inc. “I knew that there was a real need to take this incredible silver yarn technology and move it from socks into a wrap, so the entire equine leg can have the same benefit of protection as the cannon, fetlock, pastern and coronary band. Our socks do great but sometimes a wrap offers an alternative application.”

When looking at protecting wounds or sores on the hocks, knees or higher on a leg, a wrap can be appropriate. The key to great protection is an hygienic environment next to the skin and a way to combat moisture that gets otherwise locked underneath traditional bandaging systems. Wet, warm conditions encourage bacterial growth and the sooner a veterinarian can achieve healing, the less likely it is that more serious complications from secondary infection will arise.

The Silver Lining Bandage/Wraps wick moisture from the skin surface, helping to keep it dry and less conducive to the development of bacteria or fungi.

The same great yarn qualities used in Summer Whinnys Silver are in The Silver Lining Bandage/Wraps. “This remarkable yarn maintains a clean environment around the skin useful for reducing dirt and debris near any pre-existing wounds and reduces the bio-burden on the contact surface of the wrap,” he said.

Sox For Horses, Inc.’s high-performance yarns continuously protect The Silver Lining Bandage/Wraps from hosting bacteria and fungus in even the toughest conditions and do not degrade or wash out. The Silver Lining, like Summer Whinnys Silver, can be washed over and over and will remain as effective in maintaining as hygienic environment around the legs as the day of purchase.

Award-winning veterinary dermatologist, research author and professor, Rosanna Marsella, DVM, of the University of Florida (Gainesville) College of Veterinary Medicine, has used both the Summer Whinnys Silver and The Silver Lining Bandage/Wraps on her own horses. Dr. Marsella reported that one horse, with non-responding summer sores, in just a few days was “almost completely healed.”

“I also tried The Silver Lining Wrap on a chronic wound on the leg of a different horse, that had granulation tissue that would bleed and never close and had failed antibiotics. I used a clean wrap every 12 hours. After two days the wound was no longer bleeding, no longer thick around the edges and had turned from angry, fire red to light pink and showing a thin epithelium.

“I am thrilled to say the least. This material has incredible potential for summer sores (habronemas) and non-healing wounds. It exceeded my expectations.”

In October, Dr. Marsella again contacted Sox For Horses, Inc. to report: “My horses have completely resolved. The nasty wound is completely healed and the pastern dermatitis on the other is barely noticeable. Thank you.”

Note: There is a period of time during a new injury when non-stick pads must be used. A wound must generate a durable surface before non-stick pads can be replaced, but once that stronger tissue is developed, The Silver Lining Bandage/Wraps can be used directly on that tissue.

“Dr. Marsella continues to offer great feedback in this development process of the wraps,” said Petterson. “I consider myself exceedingly graced by her willingness to help bring the wraps to their full potential.” In the last year, Petterson and Sox For Horses, Inc. have gained a great deal of attention from veterinarians faced with non-responding EPD issues and Summer Whinnys Silver are proving over and again to be the right answer in bandaging and protection from the outside environment.

“Summer Whinnys Silver have moved from being known as great fly protection to being respected as a year-around bandaging and wound protection option. They’ve gone beyond being just for ‘Summer’ application,” he said.

The Sox For Horses, Inc. mission is to help owners better help their equines, make a difference in the lives of people and animals by supporting equine and animal rescue organizations, secure and add jobs in American manufacturing and is an American Manufacturer. Summer Whinnys and their warm winter socks, Whinny Warmers are Made In America. Visit or call Sox For Horses, Inc. at 850-907-5724 to talk to a real person about fitting the right socks for your horse.






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