Special Report on Stolen Horses in the July Edition of EQUUS

June 10, 2013 — Stolen Horse International, Inc. aka NetPosse.com is in the news with a very important article appearing in the July 2013 issue of EQUUS magazine: “What To Do When Your Horse Is Stolen.” Debi Metcalf, founder of the non-profit Stolen Horse International and NetPossee.com, recommends all horse owners and managers read this article.

She also requested that if you are a subscriber to EQUUS or pick up a copy on the newsstand, once you have finished with the magazine please send it to Stolen Horse International, PO Box 1341, Shelby, NC 2815.

Some of the topics discussed in the article are:

  • A horse owner who lived through this nightmare explains how to increase the chances of a safe return
  • A first response search
  • Identification
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Who’s stealing horses?

Once you have read the article, you are invited to post a comment on the Facebook page of Stolen Horse International, Inc. aka NetPosse.com.

If you or your group needs a speaker for your next event contact one of the U.S. experts on this topic, Debi Metcalfe. You can learn more about Metcalfe here.



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