Stable Management Welcomes Animal Arts as Ask the Expert for Barns and Farm Building

We are happy to welcome Animal Arts as our newest Ask the Expert forum resource for our readers for any questions concerning barns or other construction on your farm. Animal Arts specializes exclusively in animal care facility design. They have a proven track record of success with over 600 projects in 40 states, Canada and overseas.

Animal Arts is experienced in the design of a variety of equine facility types, including general veterinary practice, specialty, racehorse, shelter/adoption and university teaching facilities. Some of their past work includes Evergreen Equine Hospital, Bergin Equine Clinic, Harmony Equine Center for the Dumb Friends League, Best Friends Horse Haven and the Equine Health Center-University of Adelaide.

Tony Cochrane, AIA, is a principal with Animal Arts and will be answering your questions about barns and any building concerns you have on your property. As a 26-year veteran and senior member of the team, Tony has been involved with the design and programming of numerous animal hospital and animal shelter projects throughout the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well as in Canada and Japan. Tony’s years of experience in all aspects of animal care facility design make him uniquely qualified to answer questions ranging from floor planning to flooring choices.

Visit the Ask the Expert: Barns and Farm Building forum and ask a construction-related question or read the responses from Animal Arts to questions posed by your peers.

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