State Line Tack Equine Diversity Project

State Line Tack focuses on Veterans and Equines Together to provide equine supplies and awareness.

State Line Tack recognized Veterans and Equines Together for its next segment of the company’s Equine Diversity Project. Above are veterans riding in a Veterans Day parade. iStock/James Yetminau Photography

State Line Tack is pleased to announce the next segment of their Equine Diversity Project initiative. Born out of their recently started Program Spotlight series, the Equine Diversity Project will be a broader, more comprehensive partnership with dozens of equine programs operating across the country. These organizations work tirelessly to ensure that children, of all ages and from all walks of life, can experience the life-changing power of the horse.

Equine Diversity Project will focus on a different organization every month. State Line Tack donates equine supplies so that the participants have up-to-date equipment in good repair, and will also interview a board member, craft a blog entry, and post on their social media platforms to further promote program awareness.

This month’s featured program is Veterans and Equines Together. Did you know that 22 veterans a day commit suicide? One day, one of the 22 was Veterans and Equines Together Founder Kim Mac Lean’s brother. Understandably devastated, Kim decided to partner with a retired Navy Captain to start Veterans and Equine Together. where their mission is to make a difference, one vet at a time. Their mission is to reduce veteran suicides through the powerful method of pairing horses and humans to reduce the effects of trauma.

To learn more about Veterans and Equines Together, visit their website.

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