Tennessee Equine Trails Virtual Map Available

June 11, 2013 — Nearly two hundred tiny, green, live horses are currently crossing the state of Tennessee. A map of the state of Tennessee, that is. The Pick Tennessee Products website, www.PickTnProducts.org, is now host to a “live” equine resources map that links visitors directly to 196 different equine hot spots from one end of the state to the other.

“This interactive map is taking our Tennessee trail guide to a whole new level,” state equine marketing specialist Wendy Sneed said. “Finding a place to ride is a lot easier now, whether you’re searching around your own county or are visiting another part of the state. Travelers from out of state driving through for shows or other trails can now just click through the map to see if there are facilities near them. That’s a big help if they need to stable somewhere for the night, or would like to do some riding along the way.”

The web map not only shows trails, but indicates overnight stabling, show and sale facilities, equine education and other related equine services.

The new live trails map is a practical, welcome benefit to serious equine enthusiasts, but Sneed points out that horse lovers don’t necessarily have to own their own horses to enjoy a nice ride along a Tennessee trail. A number of trails on the live web map offer horse rentals.

“Summer’s on the way, the kids are out of school—it’s time to ride!” Sneed said. “You should always contact the location before heading out to the trail, as weather and other conditions can affect availability of trails and horses.”

“One benefit of using the live map is that we add new trails as we connect with them, so the live map can stay more current than a printed version,” Sneed said. “In fact, we encourage anyone who offers trails, stabling, or show facilities to please go to www.picktnproducts.org and submit an application so we can get you added.”

Sneed emphasizes that the printed version of the Tennessee Equine Trail Guide is still available. “Anyone can still go to the Pick Tennessee Products website, click on Equine Resources and request a trail guide booklet to be sent through the mail. It’s great for any horse person to have a guide handy in the glove compartment of the truck. This live web map is just another way for us to help equine enthusiasts get where they need to go, even while they’re on the go.” 

The Upcoming Show and Event Calendar for Equine is another service posted on the PTP site under Equine Resources. Visit www.picktnproducts.org for more information or contact Wendy Sneed at [email protected].

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