Just in Time for the Holidays: Hock Shield Offers Facebook Discount Offer Before Black Friday

Horse owners don’t have to wait until they’re burping turkey to enjoy a 20% discount on all November HockShield.com website orders.

Long-lasting, neoprene-constructed Hock Shields are the go-to choice in healing protection for bed and hock sores on horses and ponies by Long Riders Gear, Professional Equine Grooms, and every day owners like Carly Flanagan of California, whose gelding suffered from summer sores until she bought Hock Shields and calls them the “best invention ever!”

“Hock sores are a tricky thing to manage. The hock is one area of your horse that moves a lot, and when s/he lays down and gets up, their hocks are always on the ground. Ideally, you will manage you horse’s environment so that these buggers never happen. Easier said than done, right? Once they do happen, what do you do?” ProEquineGrooms.com asks on Question: All About Hock Sores.

Professional Equine Grooms then recommends: “Hock boots are an option if your horse will tolerate wearing them. The Hock Shield is a highly adjustable and elasticized hock boot lined with fluffy fleece. If you have an open sore, you must cover the sore with bandaging so the fleece doesn’t irritate the sore. Bandaging also helps the Hock Shield stay in place.”

Hock Shields also wants to help “shield” horse owners from busting their barn budget. Now through the rest of November, when ordering on the website, HockShield.com, use discount code “FB20” to get 20% off your order.

Find more about The Hock Shield, The Hock Shield Ultra and The Fetlock Shield at www.hockshield.com or call Click Horse Products at 831-426-1206.

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