New Tool Takes the Guesswork Out of Horse Blanket Buying

Have you ever found yourself wading through dozens of turnout blanket options at your local tack shop, online or in a catalog wondering which blanket is the right one for you and your horse’s needs? WeatherBeeta’s new Blanket Identification Tool (B.I.T.) removes the guesswork by helping to identify your horse’s ideal turnout blanket.

By answering approximately six easy questions, you will discover whether your horse is a Blanket Friendly, a Blanket Houdini or a Blanket Wrecker. After determining his or her personality type, you can view the WeatherBeeta blanket range or ranges that are most appropriate or answer a few more questions to narrow down the options to a specific blanket.

The online Blanket Identification Tool is available at WeatherBeeta’s website and will be available on select retailer websites. Stores that carry the full range of WeatherBeeta turnout blankets will have a Blanket Identification Tool kiosk in front of the blanket display, and other stores will have a flipbook available.

“We are proud to be a leader in the industry with this innovative program,” said Michele Schnitzel, president of Weatherbeeta USA. “Our aim in creating the Blanket Identification Tool is to enhance our consumers’ experience by simplifying their blanket-buying decision process.”

To try out the Blanket Identification Tool, learn more about the full range of WeatherBeeta horse and dog blankets or to find a WeatherBeeta retailer visit

WeatherBeeta was born more than 35 years ago when three dedicated and passionate equestrian devotees joined forces to embark on a goal to deliver high quality and innovative equestrian products. They envisioned a clear opportunity to provide durable, comfortable, lightweight and innovative horse blankets rather than accepting the traditional designs available at the time. WeatherBeeta pioneered the first synthetic horse blanket that is often imitated but never copied.

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