Unwanted Horse Coalition’s Operation Gelding Program Assists 32 Horses in March

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- WASHINGTON, DC, APRIL 16, 2012 -- The Unwanted Horse Coalition’s (UHC) Operation Gelding program starts the year with three Operation Gelding clinics completed in March.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — WASHINGTON, DC, APRIL 16, 2012 — The Unwanted Horse Coalition’s (UHC) Operation Gelding program starts the year with three Operation Gelding clinics completed in March. With the help of the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC), the Santa Rosa County Horse Assistance Council (SRCHAC), and the All American Miniature Horse Club (AAMHC), the UHC was able to assist 32 stallions in just 15 days. The UHC’s Operation Gelding program has aided in the gelding of 406 stallions to date.

The program, which was first launched in late August 2010, is able to continue into 2012 thanks to a generous donation from Pfizer Animal Health. Operation Gelding is designed to offer funding assistance to organizations, associations, and events that wish to conduct a public gelding clinic under the name and guidelines of Operation Gelding. An organization that has completed an Operation Gelding clinic will receive funding of $50 per horse, $1,000 maximum, to aid in the costs associated with the clinic.

Operation Gelding’s busy month started with a clinic hosted by the AAMC and club secretary, Amy Dalsing. On March 3rd, the AAMC was able to arrange a successful clinic in their home state of Iowa, aiding in the castration of 5 horses. “The clinic went very well. This was the AAMHC and our vet’s first time putting together a gelding clinic. Since things went so well, would very much like to continue hosting clinics. The AAMHC, our vet, and the participants were very excited about the success of our first clinic,” said Dalsing.

Cindy Rullman and the KHC were able to perform 16 castrations on March 10th at the Kentucky Horse Park. Their well advertised clinic even attracted a slew of spectators and a few media outlets. Rullman said, “Thank you so much to the UHC for making this possible. The owners, as well as the KHC, are very appreciative!”

The SRCHAC, located in Bagdad, FL, was pleased with the results of their first Operation Gelding clinic. Jennifer Boone, SRCHAC treasurer, said, “With the joint sponsorship of UHC, ASPCA, SRCHAC, Dr. David Henderson of Village Veterinarian, Inc, and the support of our generous equine community, a truly successful effort was made to reduce the number of unwanted horses in Northwest Florida. The clinic was also attended by six members, aged from 8 to 16, of the Santa Rosa County Bockin’ N Eggs 4-H Club. We were pleased with the turnout and the success of our first Operation Gelding Clinic. Thank you so much to the UHC and the much appreciated funds that made this possible!”

Ericka Caslin, UHC Director, said “Thanks to Pfizer and their generous donation, we are able to continue funding Operation Gelding clinics through the summer. With two additional clinics on the schedule for March, we anticipate another successful year for the program. The UHC continues to seek public support, via tax-deductible donations, to extend the program year round. Each generous donation of $50 goes entirely toward funding the gelding of a stallion. We hope to gain assistance from the equine industry in order to offer more grant money for Operation Gelding clinics, to help tackle the problem of indiscriminate breeding.”

Upcoming Operation Gelding clinics will be held in Minnesota and Oklahoma.

For more information about Operation Gelding, how to conduct a clinic, the schedule and location of Operation Gelding clinics, or how you can help continue this program, please contact Ericka Caslin, UHC director, at or 202-296-4031.

The Unwanted Horse Coalition

The mission of the Unwanted Horse Coalition is to reduce the number of unwanted horses and improve their welfare through education and the efforts of organizations committed to the health, safety and responsible care and disposition of these horses. The UHC grew out of the Unwanted Horse Summit, which was organized by the American Association of Equine Practitioners and held in conjunction with the American Horse Council’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C., in April 2005. The summit was held to bring key stakeholders together to start a dialogue on the unwanted horse in America. Its purpose was to develop consensus on the most effective way to work together to address the issue. In June 2006, the UHC was folded into the AHC and now operates under its auspices.






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