UPDATE: Herpes Discovered; Doug Co. Stables Quarantined

ABC NEWS — MAY 14, 2012 — DOUGLAS COUNTY, COLO. — Castlewood Equestrian Center in Franktown has been placed under quarantine, according to the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

State veterinarian Keith Roehr told 7NEWS a horse at the stable tested positive for equine herpes virus.

The horse was euthanized after showing severe neurological signs associated with the disease, officials said.

The horse came to Franktown from Iowa.

“The department is taking quick and appropriate actions to control and mitigate this disease,” said Roehr. “We will continue to trace the movement of this horse and those horses it came into contact with in order to protect Colorado’s equine industry.”

EHV-1 can be treated if caught early, but can lead to death in horses. It is not transmissible to people. The most common way for EHV-1 to spread is by direct horse-to-horse contact. The virus can also spread through the air, contaminated equipment, clothing and hands.

The Franktown stables will likely be on quarantine for three to four weeks, Roehr said.



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