USEF Approves Nominated Entry for FEI World Endurance Championship

LEXINGTON, KY — JULY 30, 2012 — The United States Equestrian Federation has approved the nominated entry for the U.S. Endurance Team for the 2012 FEI World Endurance Championship as follows in alphabetical order.

  • Melody Blittersdorf on her own Synthetic
  • Cody Boysen on Roxi Welling’s Viktory Banner
  • John Crandell III on John Crandell Jr’s Heraldic
  • Becky Hart on her own No Repeat
  • Valerie Kanavy on her own Reach For The Gold
  • Nicki Meuten on her own Not Tonight
  • Ellen Olson on Jeremy Olson’s SA Belshazzar
  • Heather Reynolds on her own and Jeremy Reynolds’ Riverwatch
  • Jeremy Reynolds on his own and Heather Reynolds’ A Kutt Above
  • Margaret Sleeper on her own Syrocco Reveille
  • Kim Tilson Orr on Nicki Meuten’s FYF Dutch
  • Jan Worthington on her own Golden Lightening

The squad of six previously named athlete/horse combinations will travel to England to compete in the 2012 FEI World Endurance Championship held on August 25, 2012. See the named traveling squad here.

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