USHJA Launching New Pre-Green Incentive Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — MAY 25, 2012 — On December 1, 2012, the new USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program will debut. Created by the Open Hunter Task Force to provide an incentive based program for developing Pre-Green Hunters for the competition ring, the program consists of Pre-Green Stake classes and a championship to be held in conjunction with the USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals. The championship will offer a guaranteed $25,000 purse.

The Open Hunter Task Force began developing the concept for a program to encourage the development of Pre-Green horses late in the 2010 competition year. Colleen McQuay and Geoff Teall have worked tirelessly with USHJA leadership and staff to create the elements of the Pre-Green Incentive Program.

“This is an exciting opportunity for those in this country who love to start young horses, develop horses and give them an opportunity to have a career. It’s exciting for me personally because it’s the launch of a formula that can help us in many areas of our hunters in regards to creating purses that will help sustain the sport in our country and bring a new level of excitement to our riders, our owners, and spectators.” Colleen McQuay said.

The program is open to horses of any age that are eligible to compete as Pre-Green Hunters under Federation rules. Horses must be enrolled in the USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program to participate in the Pre-Green Stake classes and to be eligible for the Pre-Green Championship. Money won program tracking lists will honor horses by age and sex, as well as the top Thoroughbred and American bred horses. Rider recognition will be based on overall total money won.

The Pre-Green Stake classes can be offered at any USEF AA, A, B or C-rated hunter competition. Stake classes can be offered at both 3’ and 3’3”. Horses will be required to compete at their respective height and may be ridden by professionals, juniors or amateurs.

McQuay pointed out that some horse shows in her area have begun small Pre-Green pilot programs that mirror this USHJA national program, “It’s just been phenomenal for us here in Texas and we plan to have both the Texas program and the national program together. It’s a win-win for everybody!”

Argyle, TX based Patrick Rodes owner of Southbound Show Management shares the enthusiasm for this new program at his events too, “We are excited about adding the USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program to the Texas Pre-Green Super Stakes series, last year it seemed like Pre-Green was dying and this year we have over $75,000 in prize money and lots of interest.”

Classic Company’s president Bob Bell runs USEF A and AA events throughout the southeast US and is more than happy to host the new program at his shows, “We, like other horse shows, have seen over the past few years our Pre-Green Division and other rated professional sections decline. I am excited to see this incentive program start and Classic Company will be supporting it.” Bell said.

The Open Hunter Task Force members strongly believe in this program and have made a commitment for the betterment of their sport and are helping to provide financial support for this program.

“We are pleased to recognize the efforts of the Open Hunter Task Force members who contributed to the initiation of this program. Professionals are partnering with USHJA and investing in their future and that of their owners and horses by supporting the development of incentive based programs.” Bill Moroney, USHJA President.

For more information on the Pre-Green Incentive Program and how to enroll your Pre-Green horse, please visit the USHJA web site at



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