USRider, EKU Offer Large-Animal Rescue Training

LEXINGTON, KY — DEC. 10, 2012 — USRider Equestrian Motor Plan and Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) have finalized the dates for the 2013 Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training course.

LEXINGTON, KY — DEC. 10, 2012 — USRider Equestrian Motor Plan and Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) have finalized the dates for the 2013 Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training course. The course is scheduled for April 5-7 at EKU and the training will be provided by Kentucky Large Animal Emergency Response (KLAER) who is based out of Lexington, Kentucky.

The course will include 30 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on training with specially designed training mannequins. Instruction covers the use of sedatives and tranquilizers, chemical restraint, rescue ropes and knots, rescue from horse barn fires, mud rescue, helicopter rescue and water rescue, among other situations. The training qualifies each student to receive FSE 489 credit for the class. Space is limited for the public, so those interested in attending are encouraged to enroll now by contacting Beth McCoy at EKU at (859) 622-1051 or

KLAER (Kentucky Large Animal Emergency Response) provides veterinarians, first responders, and equine technicians certification in technical large animal rescue, as well as specialized equipment, to efficiently and effectively extricate large animals from extreme emergency situations. KLAER was founded in the fall of 2007 as a state-affiliated, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. The KLAER team consists of highly trained volunteers such as active or retired firefighters, emergency medical personnel, state emergency management personnel, veterinarians, and technicians. KLAER is trained for rescue from mud, water, fire, trailer, deep hole, and more.

USRider and EKU first began offering this valuable training opportunity in March 2005 to educate fire/rescue personnel, first responders, veterinarians and horse enthusiasts about techniques and procedures to assist large animals involved in transportation accidents and other emergencies.

USRider offers a nationwide roadside assistance program designed especially for equestrians. Since its establishment in January 2002, the company has endeavored to raise awareness of the need for training in large-animal emergency rescue.

“We’ve found that while emergency responders are trained experts in human rescue and extrication, they usually have no training in large-animal rescue,” said Bill Riss, General Manager for USRider. “Because of this lack of training, responders are being put at great risk. Moreover, in many accidents and disasters, animals without life-threatening injuries are being injured further or even killed by use of incorrect rescue techniques.”

The Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training is funded through the Large Animal Rescue Endowment Fund, administered by USRider. Through its Leg-Up Fund, USRider has provided backing for numerous large-animal rescue initiatives, including equine ambulances and individual responder training. In 2005, the company took its efforts in a new direction by creating the first Large-Animal Rescue Endowment Fund at Eastern Kentucky University. The unique endowment fund was established to promote large-animal-rescue training efforts and support related training programs.

Contributions to the Large Animal Rescue Endowment Fund may be sent to the Division of University Development, CPO 19A, Jones 324, Eastern Kentucky University, 521 Lancaster Ave., Richmond, Ky., 40475-3102. The Development Office may be reached at (859) 622-1583.

USRider Equestrian Motor Plan is a nationwide member-based organization providing roadside trailering assistance, including towing and roadside repairs for tow vehicles and trailers with horses, emergency stabling, veterinary referrals and more. For more information, visit or call (800) 844-1409.






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