Veterinarians and Owners Can Win the Fight Against Flies

Sox for Horses Inc. president Ray Petterson has always tried to steer clear of quick fixes in favor of long-term solutions.created Summer Whinnys socks for horses as a non-invasive barrier against bug bites.

July 1, 2013 — Sox for Horses Inc. president Ray Petterson is the kind of horseman who has always tried to steer clear of quick fixes in favor of long-term solutions. Instead of introducing chemical repellants onto his horses’ skin to deter biting insects, he began looking at the whole picture and created Summer Whinnys socks for horses as a non-invasive barrier against bug bites. One veterinarian shared with Petterson his story of boot abrasions and summer sores resistant to antibiotics, which have benefited since from the gentle, natural protection of his horse socks.

Wellington, Florida-based Steve Soule, DVM, says, “Leg sores have hit epidemic proportions in southern Florida, where flies never go away. Sores are not responding to antibiotics as well as they used to.”

During the 2013 Winter Equestrian Festival season, Soule successfully used Summer Whinnys as “breathing barrier” between the flies and his equine clients’ sores. More veterinary testimonials can be found on the Sox For Horses website

In addition to an even-pressure fit along the leg (essential for long term use), antimicrobial fibers woven into each set of Summer Whinnys inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold in the socks.

“In one sock, you have the barrier against filth and flies,” said Petterson. The socks themselves don’t heal anything. They simply keep the sores and wounds free of the disease carrying flies and dirt and that is important when you are ready to move away from bandaging and still need protection that will allow air to reach the skin. The breathable fibers allow a clean, aerated environment around the leg.” 

Petterson is humbled by the requests from the veterinary community: “I’ve always believed that Summer Whinnys belong in this part of our horse world. Every possible benefit to horses was taken into consideration when I was inventing these socks, from the yarn fibers offering cool, durable, antimicrobial protection, to the actual construction which had to deliver equal–but not unnecessary–compression around the leg while allowing freedom of motion for pastern and fetlock joints. Meaning, the socks will not easily be driven or pulled down by ordinary equine activity.

“I wanted to do this right the first time, and make a sock that could help veterinarians and equine owners in an inexpensive manner, using socks meant to last through multiple uses, fly protection has been addressed in a whole new and effective way. It won’t be long,” he posits, “before more vets refer Summer Whinnys to their clients. Summer Whinnys belong in every barn as the ultimate in fly protection.”

Sox For Horses Inc. will give veterinarians a free Summer Whinnys sample sock upon request. Learn more by calling the helpful Sox For Horses staff at 850-907-5724 or email






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