Veterinary School Student Seeks Help From Santa to Bring Her Missing Mojo Home for Christmas

Tuesday evening Dec. 3, a horse on Foster Road, which is part of Union Parish in Louisiana, was discovered to be missing. It was first thought that he had escaped his home until an extensive search of the area has failed to find the missing horse. It is now thought someone either has the horse and does not know where to return him or he has been taken away, stolen!

Mojo, a 13 year old Palomino Quarter Horse gelding, owned by Kylie Chenier, a veterinary school student who was out of the country at the time, has not been seen since he disappeared from a pasture where two other horses were left behind. Mojo does have an International code microchip, which will help prove ownership of the horse when located.

“I’m really hoping it won’t be much longer before I get my baby back,” said Chenier on Stolen Horse International’s Facebook page.

Chenier will be home on the 13th and needs your help. She has but one Christmas wish and that is to bring Mojo home for Christmas.

Mojo and Kylie…please help reunite them!

A report was filed with local officials, Stolen Horse International/NetPosse, the nation’s lost and found for missing and stolen horses, and Crimestoppers. There is a $2,000 reward offered by Chenier and a $1,000 reward offered by Crimestoppers. (See details at Mojo’s link below.)

Stolen Horse International, Inc., received an online report on its Web site,, filed by Kylie Chenier and, in short order, began distributing the information via their Alerts (the horse community’s Amber Alert) on the Internet to hundreds of social media groups (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and to thousands of people in their NetPosse Network in an effort to rally the public to help this horse owner in need.

A nonprofit organization, NetPosse, is well known for horse theft education and assistance in recovering stolen or missing horses, as well as other equine equipment. With 16 years’ experience working with victims like Chenier, the organization is the nation’s foremost authority on stolen and missing horse cases.

You will find a web page with information and a printable flyer for Mojo on his listing, which is where any updates or leads will be posted. People interested in helping can search for report number NR002126, or use this direct link on the site:

“Mojo’s flyer needs to be posted in all public places since it is possible that someone has seen the horse and does not know who to contact. And remember, not everyone is on the internet, especially in rural areas of the country. It is up to those who are on the internet to print the flyer and make sure these horses are seen in public places,” says Stolen Horse International founder Debi Metcalfe.

Circulating Mojo’s flyer and the Alert nationwide is imperative, as the horse could be anywhere by now. These flyers are the tool that bring home many horses and must be posted in as many public places as possible.

“At we never underestimate the power of one. If you are reading this information you are now that ‘one.’ You can make a difference. I cannot encourage you enough to act now and help Kylie and Mojo when they need you most.

“Print a flyer immediately and post it right away!” added Metcalfe. “You never know who will post the flyers that will bring Mojo home in time for Christmas.”

You will find the police department’s contact info on Mojo’s NetPosse flyer and webpage that helps identify this case quickly when calling in a tip. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Union Parrish Police Department or with information.

You can find more information at

For more information on Stolen Horse International and its programs, visit the website at Stolen Horse International is a Section 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to it are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.






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