Wait For Me To Catch Up

Do we really need to dominate our horse or can we find a balance between effective communication, relationship and trust?

From the horse’s perspective:

  • Wait for me to catch up with what you are asking me. I have a large body and four legs to coordinate so sometimes getting out of the way or moving over takes a moment for me to carefully coordinate so I don’t hurt you.
  • Wait for me to understand what you are asking before forcing me. I’m not a piece of sports equipment, but an animal like you with feelings and often I’m scared, but want to trust you. Show me that I can trust you as my herd leader.
  • Please don’t hit me when I get the wrong answer. I’m trying to be good. Try asking me again in another way and maybe I’ll understand better. I want to be good and have fun with you too.
  • Let me know when I get the right answer. I need to know that I’m good enough for you. I love you.

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