Watch Cavalor’s New Educational Video on The Healthy Digestive System

Why is it that a healthy digestive system is so vital to a successful equine performer? How does the process work and what happens when it does not?

Through the use of animation, Cavalor Feed takes a look inside the digestive tract in a newly released educational video which produces a clear picture of how this complex system influences a horse’s health and performance.

In the horse’s digestive tract, internal microbes in the hindgut–good bacteria, protozoa and fungi–convert feed into nutrients through a fermentation process, and, most importantly, act as first line of defense against harmful bacteria which, left to their own devices, can make the horse susceptible to performance debilitating diseases such as gastric ulcers.

Designed as a tool to educate all ages and performance levels, from Pony Club through upper levels, the 1 minute 45 second video packs hard science into concise, clear and reliable explanations of how the positive work of the microbes can turn negative without proper care and nutrition. As an example, feeding a horse a high volume of feed in one meal throws the microbial population off balance. Other potentially harmful practices include feeding high amounts of starch in one meal, stress and antibiotics.

Fortunately, the video delivers the means to support the microbes that stabilize digestive disturbances. With explanations of why the remedies work, the video recommends feeding pre- and probiotics, safe starch sources and sufficient fiber, in multiple daily small meals each day and avoiding sudden changes in diet.

The video can be seen at or

An international source for premium horse feed, supplements and care products, dedicated to the education of horse owners and trainers, Cavalor was born in 1989 as the brainchild of a young agricultural engineer named Peter Bollen. He had just completed his thesis, “Nutrition of the Sport Horse” and was hired by a Belgian company whose managing director shared two of Peter’s passions: equitation and horse nutrition. Together they launched a line of products dedicated to the nutritional needs of high-performance horses.

Today, rated as one of the top equine feeds in the world, Cavalor products are available in more than 50 countries, including the United States, and they are the result of intense research and development, thorough testing, selection of the highest quality ingredients and strict manufacturing and quality control processes.

With great pride, Cavalor points out that half of the horses at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010 were fed Cavalor feed. Further, the company was the official supplier for the Belgian Olympic Team at the 2012 London Olympics. CEO of Cavalor North America Michael Pollard became a convert to Cavalor products while competing at international level eventing in Europe.






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