Wellpride Introduces Customer Success Stories

Wellpride, makers of the first omega-3 fish oil supplement for horses, has reintroduced Customer Success Stories on its website.

Wellpride, makers of the first omega-3 fish oil supplement for horses, has reintroduced Customer Success Stories on its website. Read about how Wellpride omega-3 fish oil has helped horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines, including well-known eventing champions.

Wellpride’s Success Stories illustrate how Wellpride oil can help horses with a variety of conditions, including skin issues, hoof problems, lamenesses and more. 

The latest Wellpride Success Story features Charger, an American Saddlebred. When she first saw Charger, his now-owner, Janis, thought this rescue horse might be too far gone to save. But today, Charger is making a remarkable recovery. Janis shares their moving story in a letter written to Wellpride. The accompanying photos of Charger’s recovery on the website show the stunning change that he has undergone in just eight weeks.

Janis writes: “On December 5, 2016, I had to put down my beautiful friend, my blue roan mare named Lady. My heart broke. Immediately, I started getting calls about horses: “I have one for you, Jan.” Or, “I have a friend who can’t afford to keep her horse anymore.” I couldn’t face another commitment like that, another broken heart. Finally, I told everyone, “Don’t contact me about horses any longer. I can’t take it.”

Then at the beginning of February, my friend Cathy Padgett, who runs Whippoorwill Horse Rescue in Turtletown, Tennessee, sent me a photo of an emaciated, beaten-up chestnut gelding, with only these words: “A sad boy.”

He was ugly. He looked lame. His eyes were puffy and hollow at the same time. His backbone looked like it had separated from the rest of his rib cage because he was so thin. I don’t know what I was thinking—I was far away in Venice, Florida, at the time. But I answered her: “Tell me more.”

To read the full story of Charger’s recovery, visit

Wellpride, America’s #1 Fresh Fish Oil for Horses, has been dedicated to providing horse owners with the freshest and most potent source of omega-3 fatty acids since 2003. Wellpride makes a human-grade omega-3 formula backed by research from leading universities. The company was founded by Dr. Bo Martinsen and Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers with the support of a consulting team made up of researchers and equine veterinarians.






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