Western Dressage Association® Announces AHA and WSDAC To Use WDAA Rules & Tests

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — MAY 6, 2013 — The Western Dressage Association® of America (WDAA) is proud to announce that both the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) and the Western Style Dressage Association of Canada (WSDAC) will be utilizing the WDAA Western Dressage Tests for 2013 for their Western Dressage classes. The WDAA is proud to partner with each of these Associations in offering this educational opportunity to more of the equine community.

The Arabian Horse Association Board of Directors recently voted to use the rules and tests of WDAA for Western Dressage classes starting in the 2014 competition year. WDAA looks forward to working with AHA to offer Western Dressage as another discipline in which the versatile Arabian horse can showcase its versatility and unique style. The AHA is an innovative equine association committed to the wonderful and celebrated Arabian horse and the people who love them working for both recreational and competitive riders.

The Western Style Dressage Association of Canada is the first International Alliance Partner of the WDAA. The vision of the WSDAC mirrors that of the WDAA with the promotion of education being paramount to the Association. The international unity of the two organizations is the first step in shared appreciation for the merits of Western Dressage. This is showcased particularly as those qualities pertain honoring the horse, celebrating the partnership of horse and rider, and to educating to the athletic and mental growth and development for the usability and longevity of the Western horse.

The WDAA is eager to offer additional opportunities to riders and their horse via the partnerships with the AHA and WSDAC. The use of Western Dressage Tests for 2013 gives riders the chance to receive feedback on their ride, creating an opportunity to learn, grow and train to the maximum benefit of the horse and rider partnership. Whether Western Dressage is the ultimate discipline of choice or a training tool on the road to other western riding pursuits, the opportunity will exist for members of these associations.

About the Western Dressage Association® of America: The Western Dressage Association® of America is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization focused on providing a model of horsemanship which optimizes the partnership of horse and rider for their mutual benefit. The mission of the Western Dressage Association® is “to honor the horse, to value the partnership between horse and rider and to celebrate the legacy of the American West” which it focuses on through its offerings of educational opportunities and events to the equestrian community. To discover more about the WDAA, please visit www.westerndressageassociation.org.

About the Arabian Horse Association: The Arabian Horse Association was founded in 1908 with a focus on ensuring the integrity and perpetuation of the breed. As the official breed association and registry in the United States, the AHA is the focal center for owners and enthusiasts alike. The AHA offers competitions, activities, a marketplace and education to its members. Its attention to the needs of both recreational and competitive riders ensures a continued celebration of the versatility and magnificence of the breed. To discover more about the AHA and Arabian horses please visit their website: http://www.arabianhorses.org.

About the Western Style Dressage Association of Canada: The Western Style Dressage Association of Canada (WSDAC) is a registered nonprofit Canadian national organization that promotes, fosters and educates people about Western Dressage in Canada. The goal of the WSDAC is to provide a concise and progressive offering of classes for riders to develop a systematic training program for their horses and themselves. The WSDAC honors the horse, and use kind and understanding training methods that are hundreds of years old. Western Style Dressage appeals to all ages and types of riders and breeds of horses. The WSDAC works to help riders continue on their journey of developing an understanding with their equine partners. For more information on the WSDAC please visit their website: http://westernstyledressage.ca.



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