Western States Horse Expo Pomona Features Star-Studded Line-Up

It’s been documented that between three and four million years ago horses roamed North America. Since that time, with the influence of evolution and land bridge migratory patterns, the horse has played a critical role in agriculture, warfare and transportation.

No longer needed as a work horse, today the horse is our companion and sometime-therapist, whether it’s in competition or for a trail ride. Or maybe the horse’s mane is where we bury our noses and tears. Whatever the reason, horses sculpt how we live our lives.

We celebrate horses in a myriad of ways. And what better way to celebrate the horse and the lifestyle they bring to us, than the Western States Horse Expo Pomona at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. Scheduled for February 3-5, 2017, this event has everything imaginable for the horse person, including an array of educational and entertaining demonstrations.

Heading the list of acclaimed clinicians this year are Pat Parelli, Chris Cox, Charlotte Bredahl, Charles Wilhelm, John Lyons, Julie Goodnight, Josh Lyons, Warwick Schiller, Kalley Krickeberg, and Steve Edwards. Attendees, who undoubtedly have seen these top horsepeople on television and the internet, have a unique opportunity to see all of them “up close and personal” at the Expo, oftentimes leading to which horsemanship/training program they choose to follow.

However, the education derived from these programs is not always about the horse.

“It’s a passion for horses that leads people to them,” says clinician Warwick Schiller. “But it’s also about self-improvement and a journey for us. The horse acts as our guide as we learn about ourselves and about life. Horses are our teachers, for sure.” When asked about how expos have influenced horsepeople today, he replied, “Where else can people come together and celebrate the animal that has influenced them so much? We can always learn so much more, even when we think we’ve reached the top. The Western States Horse Expo in Pomona has it all–education and discovery, a gathering of like-minded people, with the best trainers in the nation presenting their programs. This expo is also about retail therapy–or so I’m told! I’m grateful that the Western States Horse Expo Pomona allows me to help people and horses on their journeys.” 

For more information about the Western States Horse Expo Pomona, February 3-5, 2017 in Pomona, California, visit or call 800-352-2411.






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