Western States Horse Expo Pomona Rolls Out Special Ticket Prices!

Western States Horse Expo Pomona, slated for February 5-7, 2016, in Pomona, California, is offering super early bird ticket prices! Tuck a few of these exceptionally priced tickets in your spouse’s Christmas stocking, or slip a couple in the tack room of your best friend. Before you know it, the Expo will be here!

If you act before December 9, 2015, a general admission ticket is only $13, compared to the regular gate price of $18. Use those extra five bucks to buy something fun for yourself (there are vendors galore at the Expo to tempt you!), or indulge in chocolate caramel corn. Go ahead. The Expo only comes once a year.

For those who just can’t get enough of the Expo (which is pretty much everyone who loves horses), a three-day pass is only $35 (before December 9). The shopping and demonstrations alone will entice you to spend a full three days at the Expo. (Don’t forget the exciting Ultimate Super Horse Challenge on Saturday night!)

Let’s not forget our sprouting next generation of horsemen and horsewomen. Young riders (ages 6-17) can trot through the gate for only $10. Five and under are FREE!

And now that the Expo schedule is already posted on-line, you can create your own “tour” of the Expo ahead of time so you don’t miss anything. There’s no doubt that it will take a full three days to see everything–and everyone–you’ve wanted to see all year. This year’s roster of clinicians shines like never before–and where else can you see them all in one place? Check out the stellar line-up of the nation’s best clinicians at www.horseexpoevents.com. You’ll be amazed!

Take advantage of these great ticket prices by going on-line at www.horseexpoevents.com. Then put the dates, February 5-7, 2016 on your calendar, download the schedule, map out your preferences, and enjoy everything this incredible Expo has to offer!

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