What Do Equestrians, Artists, Authors, Wellness Practitioners and Non-Profits Have in Common?

Sept. 5, 2013 -- They are part of the new Buy-Giving community. A community rooted in the horse industry by people who believe “giving-back” should be part of business.

Sept. 5, 2013 — They are part of the new Buy-Giving community. A community rooted in the horse industry by people who believe “giving-back” should be part of business. is more than an on-line e-commerce site, it is about the people behind the products and projects, as well as the story behind the products and causes. Buy-Giving is building community based around a shared vision and giving “purpose to purchasing.”

Wanting to help support friends and fellow entrepreneurs in the horse industry who ran small businesses or non-profits, founders Stacey Small (Equilite, SORE NO-MORE) and Mary Ann Simonds (Natural Vibrations Mystic Horse) pulled their hearts and minds together, along with their friends and networks, to start Buy-Giving, an eco and socially friendly company providing inspired, unique and useful products for horses, pets, people and the planet. At the same time it financially can support a number of non-profits charities.

Buy-Giving took a couple of years to get off the ground as the system to allow people to give at time of purchase was not easy to find. Jim Ruder (Equilite, RSB Bioceuticals) joined the Buy-Giving team to help develop the system to allow people to choose a non-profit or DRO (Deserving Recipient Organization) at the same time they choose a product for the shopping cart. Buy-Giving then makes a donation to the selected DRO.

The initial line of horse, pet, planet and lifestyle products targets busy and discerning equestrians featuring initial fellow horsewomen such as artists Kim McElroy, Judy Vargas & Frederique Poulain and authors such as Dr. Madelyn Ward, Bonnie Marlewski-Probert, and Kathy P. Mongeon. You will also find some familiar friends in the stable such as Back on Track, Nose-It, Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle, Skodes Horse Treats and Dr. Pat Bona’s Posture Prep, along with a number of other great and useful products such as the eco-friendly Pawganics (started by a couple of Dads), wellness products and fun apparel and jewelry. 

“Our products and causes come from our community and are recommended by the people we know or have researched,” aid Stacey Small and Mary Ann Simonds.

 With a focus on supporting socially and eco-friendly companies most products are made in the USA by small businesses. However, the company has an international flavor, too, with lovely handmade alpaca belts and dog sweaters by a women’s co-op in Peru and their support of JustWorld International and the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. Currently, the DROs are supporting animal rescues, horse organizations and land preservation organizations, but the list is growing as people submit their favorite charities and collaborations are formed to help causes important to the people in our horse industry.

Buy-Giving invites you to visit the site (, like them on Facebook , share with others or let them know if you have a product or cause you would like to see marketed or supported on the site.






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