WPCSA Announces Award Programs for Welsh in Open Competition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – MARCH 15, 2012 – The Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America is pleased to introduce the WPCSA Open Awards Program which is a two-part program designed to recognize registered Welsh

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — MARCH 15, 2012 — The Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America is pleased to introduce the WPCSA Open Awards Program which is a two-part program designed to recognize registered Welsh Ponies, Welsh Cobs and Part Welsh competing in various open disciplines across the country. This program consists of two awards tracks – the WPCSA Year-End Open Awards and the Welsh Medallion Awards program. WPCSA member, Gretchen Aitken of Family Partners Welsh Ponies in Riddle, Oregon, designed the Board-approved program, stating that “this is one way in which our Society can recognize, and encourage others to recognize, the value and impact our Welsh have out there in the ‘open’ world of competition.” Dr. Ruth Wilburn, WPCSA President, agrees, saying that “(w)e believe that you never outgrow a Welsh and we think this program will offer visible proof of that both within our Society and to others in all areas of competition. We encourage all those showing their Welsh animals in open venues to come join us in receiving recognition of their value in those competitions”

The Welsh Medallion Awards are cumulative lifetime awards presented to each Welsh or part Welsh meeting medallion requirements. Participants may take as many years as needed to earn Medallion points. Each participant will receive an official bronze, silver or gold medallion award when they have accumulated the necessary points in their division. Medallions will be presented in the following seven divisions: Carriage Driving, Eventing, Competitive Trail, Dressage, Endurance, Show and Working Western.

The WPCSA Year-End Open Awards will recognize outstanding annual performance by a registered Welsh or part Welsh through year end awards for Open Showing, Competitive Trail Riding and Driving, Endurance Trail Riding, Dressage, Eventing, Working Western, and Carriage Driving. The category of Open Showing will include english pleasure, western pleasure, pleasure driving, hunter/jumper, equitation, trail and general which includes such events as games, races and roadster. Ribbons will be awarded to the champion and reserve champion of each division and certificates will be awarded through sixth places. Award ribbons will also be given to the overall high score junior exhibitor in each of the seven divisions.

Open competition participants are automatically entered in both programs when they submit results. All competition wins reported as part of the Open Show Awards Program count towards Medallion points.??Eligibility Requirements for the two new programs include a current WPCSA membership by owners and exhibitors and registration of participating animals with the WPCSA. In addition, the participants must show under their full registered names. These programs are self-funded and there will be a $10 nomination fee for each pony per year, plus a $5 fee per show. In order for points to count, the event or show and the class entered must be open to all breeds.

For more information on this new Open Awards Program, please contact the WPCSA office at (540) 868-PONY (7669) or visit






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