Arenus Announces the Release of the Sore No-More Performance Line

Sept. 15, 2013 — Arenus has released the newest line in the Sore No-More family of products: Sore No-More Performance. The new Sore No-More Performance line will not only be Capsaicin free, as the traditional Sore No-More products are, but will also be Lobelia free. Arenus has developed these products to assist their clients in maintaining FEI and other regulatory agency compliance. Sore No-More Performance was designed with competitive equine athletes in mind and to fill a void in the topical analgesic industry. Equine sports competitors now have a worry free solution to their topical analgesic needs.

As with the traditional Sore No-More line, Sore No-More Performance is 100% herbal and contains no harsh chemicals, which means it can be applied before, during or after you ride, under wraps, pads, and equipment without concern of burning or scalding the horse’s skin. Sore No-More Performance has all of the same versatility as the traditional Sore No-More product line and can be used under bandages, as a bath brace, as a massage liniment, with ice or heat packs, under tack, and even with magnetic or ceramic therapy equipment.

The Sore No-More Performance line will include Sore No-More Performance Liniment, Sore No-More Performance Gelotion, and Sore No-More Performance Poultice. The Sore No-More Performance products will be available in the following sizes:

Sore No-More Performance Liniment

  • 2 ounce
  • 16 ounce spray bottle
  • 64 ounce
  • 1 gallon

Sore No-More Performance Gelotion

  • 2 ounce
  • 12 ounce
  • 64 ounce
  • 1 gallon

Sore No-More Performance Poultice

  • 5 pound
  • 23 pound

The release of the Sore No-More Performance line has been much anticipated within the equine industry and among top industry professionals, and the Performance line is anticipated to become the “gold standard” for topical analgesics. Arenus is thrilled to release the Sore No-More Performance line and for a limited time will be offering the Sore No-More Performance products at introductory pricing equivalent to that of the traditional Sore No-More counterpart.

Arenus has been a leader in the animal health products industry since 2007. Arenus offers health solutions for companion animals as well as competitive animal athletes. Arenus’s nutraceutical line offers complete digestive solutions to horses as well as total joint health for horses and dogs. Arenus also offers a complete line of herbal health solutions for both companion and competitive animals. For more information on Arenus visit

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