A Bell for Every Reason

When one thinks of bells, they think of Christmas. The Holidays are just around the corner with all their festive bows, ribbons, presents and bells! But bells have an all-season use which can help prevent injury!

A Trail Bell attached to a center cinch or breast collar can help prevent a spook, especially when riding on trails! A bolting critter such as a deer or cow can startle a horse, which in turn may spin back, possibly dumping a rider. With a Trail Bell critters hear the bell’s tinkle, look around and see the approaching horse and rider! A Trail Bell is heard long before a rider can be seen, especially in brush, trees and on overgrown trails! Other trail users such as hikers and bikers will hear the Trail Bell’s tinkle before seeing a horse and rider, then can look around for the bell sound. If one travels with a dog, a Trail Bell attached to a dog’s collar can help locate the wayward animal from the soft ringing. Trail Bells are a two-in-one item—they can be hung on stall doors for that festive Holiday mood plus given as gifts for that extra thought for trail safety!

Measuring about 4 inches tall, an inch wide, Trail Bells are Swiss made. The attachment ring opens and can be snapped to saddle rings, collars or strings. Trail Bell rings are break-away so they doesn’t get hung up on brush!

Trail Bells can be found on Two Horse Enterprises website at www.twohorseenterprises.com, under Items. If you have questions, contact Two Horse at [email protected] or call 925-523-3241 or 510-299-5215.

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