Bio S.I Technology’s Microbial Probiotics Restore Vitality to Valuable Livestock

Bio S.I. Technology ( produces a full line of all-natural, preservative- and urea-free, soil-borne microbial products that help restore intestinal flora in livestock, including horses.

Bio S.I. Technology developed Jackpot animal probiotics to restore healthy levels of naturally occurring microbes inside the digestive tracts of animals. When animals are kept in contained areas, stress causes them to assimilate nutrients from feed improperly, locking out elements required for healthy production. Jackpot also helps animals get the most out of poor-quality hay when supplies are short.

The Jackpot II probiotic blend contains a minimum of 10 million CFU/ml microorganisms and has been formulated specifically for horses. Jackpot II helps improve nutrient assimilation and may be sprayed on the food or applied through the water. Jackpot II is also available in easy-to-use syringes. Sizes are 15 ml and 30 ml.

Beneficial soil microbes are normally ingested when livestock graze in open pasture. Unfortunately, many horses are contained in barns or holding pens where they are unable to graze as often as required to naturally sustain healthy levels of gut micro biota. The addition of Bio S.I.’s Jackpot or Jackpot II to regimented nutrition programs will help reduce and manage health issues brought on by stress, due to changes in environment, poor diet, deworming and overuse of antibiotics.

Bio S.I. Technology, LLC is a USDA BioPreferred member comprised of a team of experts with over 20 years of experience producing microbial products. Bio S.I produces a full range of microbial inoculants including Bio S.I. Turf Formula, Turf Select, Lawn & Garden Formula, Lawn & Garden Select, Agriculture Formula, Ag Select, SD 25, Pond Formula, Septic Cleanser Formula, Remediation Formula and Jackpot I & II, new all-natural probiotic products formulated to bring beneficial soil-borne microbes inside the digestive tract of valuable animals. For more information about Bio S.I. Technology, or to purchase their cutting-edge formulas, please visit






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