Bitless Horse Training Kit

Have you dreamed of riding your horse bitless, but you worry that your horse would take off out of control? Have you ever been on a runaway horse or know someone who had this frightening experience? Imagine having control with just a squeeze of your fingers without a bit in your horse’s mouth. Missy Wryn’s Training the Whole Horse Kit empowers you with the control you’ve always wanted while deepening the trust and confidence you’ve always desired with your horse.

The Kit includes Missy’s uniquely designed all-in-one Bitless Bridle that allows you to train your horse from the ground up, then snap on your reins for a safer bitless ride! The Kit also includes a set of Sport Reins, an adjustable Browband, a Latigo String and Missy’s Training the Whole Horse DVD series with over four hours of gentle horse training. Everything you need to get started riding safer Bitless. For more information visit Missy’s website, email [email protected] or call 888-406-7689. Dealer inquiries welcome.

Internationally recognized gentle horse trainer and member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators, Missy Wryn provides comprehensive horse training, horse management, and effective communication workshops, clinics, and presentations across the globe and at her Zen Barn in Estacada, Oregon. Missy is the producer of the famed, “free for viewing” Training the Whole Horse®video series, and Starting Under Saddle video episodes. Missy is also the creator of the All-In-One Bitless Bridle, and founder of IRON FREE RIDING. For more information visit Missy Wryn’s website or call toll free 888-406-7689.

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