New Book on Cowboy Dressage from Trafalgar Square Publishing Due for Release in August 2015

Cowboy Dressage ( is pleased to announce the coming release of COWBOY DRESSAGE: Riding, Training, and Competing with Kindness as the Goal and Guiding Principle, written by Jessica Black with Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy, including a forward by Robert Miller, DVM. Beautifully illustrated with over 150 photographs, primarily taken by horsewoman and photographer Lesley Deutsch, the book is part “how-to” and part history, telling the story of Eitan, his wife, Debbie, and the horses that played a significant part in shaping Cowboy Dressage, at the same time it offers advice on everything from buying a horse to competing in Cowboy Dressage shows.

Written for a wide audience, the book makes Cowboy Dressage real for its readers by integrating Eitan and Debbie’s journey with the development of the Cowboy Dressage and the relationship we all want to foster with our horses. The key to this relationship is partnership—the patient give and take between rider and horse. For Eitan, Cowboy Dressage has evolved through a series of partnerships: with Holiday Compadre, the famous Morgan that helped put Cowboy Dressage on the map, and his equine successors such as the magnificent Santa Fe Renegade, with his wife, Debbie, and with all the people who have provided love and support. Readers will read about these partnerships in the book, but they will also learn how to foster true partnership between horse and rider.

COWBOY DRESSAGE: Riding, Training, and Competing with Kindness as the Goal and Guiding Principle includes a detailed section on equine behavior from the point of view of a psychologist with input from renowned author and veterinarian Dr. Robert Miller. It describes groundwork as well as the basics of forward motion and engagement, before detailing the current state of Cowboy Dressage tests and competition. A brief section on history gives readers perspective by relating Cowboy Dressage to its predecessors, classical dressage and the traditions of the American Cowboy. Information on holding Cowboy Dressage shows and gatherings, as well as rules, clubs, and memberships is provided, along with samples of Cowboy Dressage tests and court layouts.

From the publisher: “Striding the line between utterly engaging story and well-organized how-to manual, Cowboy Dressage gives readers everything they need to find a ‘soft feel’ with their horses and then share what they’ve developed with a community of like-minded horse people. As the founders of the movement say in the book, Cowboy Dressage is more about a way of life than a rulebook. And with that as its premise, one can see how it can show the way to true partnership with a horse.”

Publisher Trafalgar Square Books ( is planning to release the book in August, 2015. Readers may purchase it directly from the publisher, at or, or on

Author Jessica Black grew up showing Morgan horses. She learned about Spanish doma while studying in Spain, and later spent several years as amateur owner, trainer and jockey of racehorses in Madrid, Spain. She is currently studying for a PhD in psychology at University of Oklahoma, but finds time to work with her current horse, an Arabian mare.






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