Champion Police Horse Trooper to be Featured as a Breyer Traditional Model

Breyer is proud to salute the 2012 North American Police Equestrian Championships Top Horse winner, Trooper.

June 11, 2013 — The working horse is an integral part of mankind’s history, doing everything from plowing fields and pulling carriages to carting ore in the mines and carrying soldiers into battle. As the saying goes, history was indeed written from the back of a horse. Today, the horse has largely lost its identity as a beast of burden, though that doesn’t mean that the work horse is extinct. Police horses are some of the most visible working horses in America today. Just like their officer riders, police horses go through a vigorous training process to make sure that they will be a reliable mount in a sticky situation. From riot control to ceremonial duties, police horses do it all.

Breyer is proud to salute this tradition by honoring the 2012 North American Police Equestrian Championships (NAPEC) Top Horse winner, Trooper. The Percheron/Hackney cross was purchased by the Toronto Police Service as a three-year-old, and after completing comprehensive training, he turned into a terrific police horse with a calm temperament and a love of people. His personality makes him the perfect horse to represent the department through public appearances, and his obedience and fearlessness in crowd control situations make him the ideal police mount. This was reinforced at NAPEC, where Trooper and his rider, Constable Gregg John of the Toronto Police Service, put in the best performance in the Individual Obstacle class, which earned them first place and the William D. McCarthy Memorial Trophy.

The North American Police Equestrian Championships are designed to showcase the best of the best in the mounted police world. Hosted each year by a different city in North America since 1983, the Championships are open to personnel from all mounted branches of law enforcement as well as civilians who perform mounted duties for law enforcement. This two-day competition consists of a variety of classes that challenge the various aspects of a police horse and mounted officer’s education. With an Equitation class that test the rider’s position, a Uniform class that judges the horse and rider’s turnout, a Western Division class that showcases how nice the horse is to ride, and an Obstacle class that challenge the horse and rider’s agility and obedience, the Championships leave no skill untested.

Trooper’s Traditional portrait model will be available at your local Breyer retailer in July 2013. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each model will be donated to the Toronto Police Services Board to support their mounted police division. 

Breyer Animal Creations is a division of Reeves International (, a family-owned, New Jersey-based toy manufacturer and distributor. The iconic Breyer brand was founded in 1950, and is the undisputed leader in creating the world’s most authentic and realistic model horses for play and collecting. Visit us at or call 800-413-3348 to learn more about the model horse hobby and Breyer Animal Creations.






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