New Corona Pure-Flex Equine Bandage Protects Against Bacteria

Keeping bandages on horses clean is not easy to achieve, but the new Corona Pure-Flex wrap from Manna Pro Products changes that. With Microban antimicrobial product protection built into the bandage, Pure-Flex provides powerful, continuous bacteria product protection, keeping damaging microbes out of the bandage. Corona Pure-Flex is the first and only equine bandage with Microban technology, which helps prevent the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria. It is ideal for wound or injury protection, post-surgical sites, securing standing bandages, hoof wrapping, supporting tendons and all other typical uses for a flexible wrap.

“Veterinarians and horse owners tell us they appreciate the advantages Pure-Flex brings to wound care,” said Carolyn Adams, Senior Brand Manager at Manna Pro. “Now that the Microban antimicrobial product protection is embedded in an easy-to-use wrap, we expect to see a lot of interest in this product.”

In product testing conducted under industry standard protocols, the equine wrap was compared to competitive brands. Pure-Flex was shown to be cleaner than the other brands by wide margins. “The numbers almost sound fabricated because they are so high, but testing showed that Pure-Flex is up to 49,000 times cleaner than leading competitors ” Adams said.

Besides being clean, Pure-Flex is easy to apply, said Dr. David Hunt of St. Louis Equine Veterinary Services. “Corona Pure-Flex wraps stay in place and conform nicely to the horse’s limb,” he said.

Pure-Flex is the newest addition to the Corona family of first aid products, a name that has been trusted by horse lovers for more than 100 years. The wrap is available in black, blue, white, purple, orange and pink. The 4-inch wide bandage is sold in a 5-yard roll. It can be found in chain and independent farm and home stores throughout the U.S. Visit for dealer locations.

MICROBAN is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.

Manna Pro Products, LLC, produces high-quality animal nutrition and care products for a broad range of animals. Its largest group of products is associated with horses, but the company also produces feed for backyard poultry and goats, rabbits, cattle, pigs, and companion animals. Manna Pro’s product lines primarily serve the “lifestyle farmer” market – people who own acreage with farm animals, and operate their farms as a hobby rather than a business. The company’s flagship product–Calf-Manna–has been a staple of animal owners for more than 80 years. For more information, visit






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