Crystalotions Launches Dr. Milt’s Liniment and Poultice

Realizing that the equine and canine topical joint care market could greatly benefit from the transdermal benefits of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), Dr. Milt, a now-retired large and small animal practitioner, with the aid of some very talented formulators, created a line of liniments and poultices to aid our 4-legged companions. From top equine athletes to canine competitors, and everything in between, Dr. Milt’s unique formulation creates a product line that not only provides the benefits of arnica and essential oils, but uses a pure magnesium sulfate base that has its own unique healthful benefits.

With the byline, “A Soaking Bath In A Bottle” Dr. Milt’s enables animals owners to administer the proven therapeutic properties of Epsom salt, plus arnica, and essential oils, in a form that is easy to apply, will not blister, can be used under wraps, is safe to use in conjunction with magnetic and ceramic wraps and blankets, increases blood levels of healthful magnesium sulfate, and relaxes the nervous system. Dr. Milt’s products combine the effectiveness of traditional liniments and poultices, with the added body and mind healing qualities of magnesium sulfate.

This new product line consists of:

Dr. Milt’s Liquid Poultice – A spray-on poultice with the effectiveness of clay. Dr. Milt’s Liquid Poultice is the perfect replacement for messy clay, is readily absorbed into the body, and can be applied with the pump of the spray nozzle. Dries clear and does not leave a residue.

Dr. Milt’s Cream Poultice – Skip the wraps and put this on as the final layer over the Liquid Poultice. Layering increases the healing properties of the products and aids in directing more Magnesium Sulfate into the blood stream.

Dr. Milt’s Liniment Gel – Never waste a drop with this gel that is suited for legs, knees and shoulders. Similarly, liniment gel can also be used for massage therapy on the withers, back and rump. When rubbed onto these areas, the active ingredient of magnesium sulfate will be absorbed quickly through the skin and begin to stimulate circulation throughout all the affected areas. Dr. Milt’s rub on liniment gel dries clear and does not leave a residue.

Dr. Milt’s magnesium sulfate products are available for equine and canines and can be purchased online via their website or at your local tack store. For wholesale inquiries and high resolution photos please contact the company at 610-827-5001. Dr. Milt’s can also be viewed on Facebook at






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