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Upgrade your skills for showing your small equine at halter with outstanding educational DVDs covering halter skills from Ozark Mountain

Gassville, AR May 28, 2013 — With the 2013 horse and pony show season in full swing, now is the perfect time to upgrade your skills for showing your small equine at halter with outstanding educational DVDs covering halter skills from Ozark Mountain

Whether you are a new horse owner or a long-time enthusiast who wants to refresh your skills, the DVD “Showing Your Miniature at Halter” provides a great overview of properly training for and exhibiting at halter. Information and discussions contained in the DVD will be helpful to both Miniature Horse and Classic Shetland handlers. The second DVD, “Ringside with Jim Curry” goes ringside to learn more about showing small equine by evaluating other exhibitors at work in a real competition setting.

Both videos feature commentary and presentations from Jim Curry, one of the Miniature Horse industry’s most respected professionals. Curry uses his experience as a trainer and judge to provide helpful and detailed tips.

“We are thrilled to offer outstanding Miniature- and pony-specific education from a professional as knowledgeable as Jim Curry,” said Lisa Borg, Marketing Director at Ozark Mountain

Drawing on years of working as a professional trainer for small equine and serving as a respected judge at the largest Miniature Horse and American Shetland Pony competitions in the world, Curry discusses a variety of topics critical to exhibiting any small equine to its fullest potential. Curry covers stopping and standing; positioning legs and body; baiting to get the correct neck; trotting in hand; and properly fitting show halters. 

By working with individuals, Curry demonstrates how to properly train and show small equine. Working with two different horses, he also demonstrates how to make corrections and appropriately handle any discipline needed. The tips Curry offers are valuable to anyone showing Miniatures in either the American Miniature Horse Registry or the American Miniature Horse Association as well as to exhibitors showing Classic American Shetland ponies.

This title includes two question-and-answer segments with Curry and also briefly covers conditioning a horse from the inside out. A bonus section of an actual show is also included so you can see the many different ways people show.

The second title, “Ringside with Jim Curry,” expands on the information presented in the “Showing Your Miniature at Halter” video. This two-disc set filmed at AMHR Nationals allows you to go ringside to gain first-hand knowledge of proper halter showing techniques. In this DVD, Curry critiques a variety of individuals showing in actual competition and covers topics including entering the show ring, setting up and showing to the judges as well as proper attire for both handler and equine.

The “Everything Miniature” series was produced exclusively by Smoke In Motion for Ozark Mountain to meet the needs of small equine owners and handlers.

“People kept asking us for quality information at affordable prices. They wanted in-depth information that could really help Miniature Horse and pony people,” said Ron Caldwell, Executive Production Manager at Smoke In Motion.

Both titles, “Showing Your Miniature at Halter” and “Ringside with Jim Curry,” are currently on sale at for $34.95. Available exclusively from Ozark Mountain, these outstanding educational videos normally sell for $39.95.

In addition to the videos in the “Everything Miniature” series, also offers single and series DVDs on a variety of other Miniature-related or pony topics. These videos feature presentations from the top trainers and handlers in the small equine show world. There are also DVDs available of small equine clinics conducted by some of the best panels within noted Miniature Horse clubs.

Ozark also offers a variety of other resources that support its DVD collection. At, you can find many helpful books and publications about miniature breeds as well as Miniature Horse training, grooming, care and more.

To check out great small equine DVDs and books available throughout Ozark Mountain, visit

Ozark is a supplier of fine equine products, veterinary supplies and specialty gifts made exclusively for Miniature Horses, Miniature Donkeys, ponies and their owners. Their long-term experience, special knowledge and work with small equine makes Ozark a leader in meeting the needs of small equine owners and handlers. The company prides itself on providing American-made products whenever possible and offering value at a reasonable price. guarantees its products and services. Visit Ozark online at or call toll free (888) 775-6446.

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