Emerald Valley Introduces Benegest Pro

Keeping the delicate pH balance in your horse’s digestive system is imperative to their health and performance. Studies show that most ulcers are found in the hind gut, not in the stomach where most paste treatments end their support. Scoping for ulcers only offers insight into the esophagus and stomach, again not offering any information into the equine’s most delicate section of his digestive system. Your horse’s feeds are loaded with indigestible ingredients such as starch and sugar, that in excess, end up flooding the hind gut after the small intestine has been over worked. If not properly fermented, these ingredients greatly upset the natural pH causing loose stool, spikes in blood sugar, lowered immune system, ulcers and ultimately colic symptoms.

Emerald Valley has long been heralded as a leader in natural equine nutrition. The company’s desire to develop new products was fueled by the customer’s needs to offer a breakthrough in the industry of equine gut health. Researched and formulated alongside leading PhD Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Tom Shurlock, Benegest Pro’s complete profile of prebiotics and probiotics help support the digestive tract along its entire length.

Our all inclusive gut health product also combines the natural benefits of seaweed and oats to help boost immune function plus hemp oil to deliver up to 60% of essential fatty acids! Sodium bicarbonate, yucca and fenugreek round out the list to help maintain blood sugar levels, support the integrity of the gut wall and help reduce endotoxins.

A comprehensive digestive enzyme cocktail has been formulated for both the small intestine and the hind gut to help equines cope with dietary changes and intestinal stress from high sugar/starch feeds. With the recommended amount of fructo-oligosaccarides being no more than 30 grams per day, our inclusion of 26.4 grams makes Benegest Pro the best bet as a fully functional prebiotic.

For horses with chronic digestive upset and for horses at the peak of physical fitness, Emerald Valley recommends combining Benegest Pro with our liquid herbal supplement, Manuka Plus and as always, don’t forget the Speedi-Beet!

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