Equine Detox

KAM Animal Services introduces KAM DTX-Formula, a new environmental body detoxification product for horses. KAM DTX-Forumla has a spectrum of ingredients that reach into the systemic cellular structures of the horse’s body. Gently promoting detoxification of the excretion organs and tissues of toxins, it promotes the removal of toxins caused by environmental exposure. It restores the pathways of excretion and nourishes the body to re-build, balance and repair. KAM DTX-Formula can be used both preventively and rotationally.

Its Guaranteed Analysis includes: Crude Protein minimum 9%, Crude fat 2%, Crude fiber max 18%, Calcium minimum .5%, Calcium max 1%, Phosphorous minimum Zinc minimum 200 ppm, and Vitamin A minimum 2000 IU/lb. It can be combined in feed or fed as a treat, one scoop per day. A six pound bucket will last two months and costs $225.

For more information, visit http://www.kamanimalservices.com/Horse-supplements/DTX-formula.php



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