Exciting New Model Added to Successful Line of Alliance by Lynn Palm Saddles

July 9, 2013 — Alliance Saddles are known to fit the traditional stock horse breeds. The unique tree was designed to accommodate the low withered, wider backed and broader shouldered horses and has since lent itself to the proper fit on warmbloods, Arabians and Morgans. For many years, the Alliance Trophee, the line’s high-end, all-around hunt seat saddle, has continued to please horses and riders with its balance and comfort, beautiful look and amazing-quality leather and time-tested craftsmanship.

Recently, a demand for a saddle with a design more oriented toward jumping featuring a deeper seat and more forward flaps has arisen. To fill this need, Cyril Pittion-Rossillon and Lynn Palm created the Alliance Concours. Without sacrificing any of the balance, comfort or fit of the Trophee, the Concours will be available at a more economical price point.

The Concours is built upon a tree made in England then assembled in France with the finest double calfskin available. For the rider’s added comfort, an innovative high-quality foam is used in the seat while a wider gullet offers added comfort for the horse. Additionally the time from order to delivery for this semi-custom saddle is shorter than ever before.

For more information about the Alliance Saddles, including the Concours, contact Alliance Saddlery’s Managing Director, Cyril Pittion-Rossillon at [email protected] or 352-362-2431. Pittion-Rossillon can set up a test ride, schedule a saddle fitting at your facility or at one of the shows on his schedule, or organize a long distance fitting. Read what competitors and those who want to ride well are saying about their Alliance Saddles at www.alliancesaddlery.com/top_performers.html and www.alliancesaddlery.com/testimonials/php.

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